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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Transcript

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady addresses the media following the Patriots preseason game versus the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on Thursday, August 22, 2013.


On tonight's game:**
"We just didn't play good. This is what happens when you don't play well." 

On performance being linked to acclimating young receivers:
"I think we all played pretty poorly. Anytime you lose the way we lost, it's really as a collective team effort. We didn't do anything in the first half other than turn the ball over. You're not going to score points in the NFL unless you string together a bunch of big plays. We would make one or two but then we would shoot ourselves in the foot. We have to figure out how to correct that in a couple weeks or it's the same result."

On the Lions' defensive front:
"They have a good team. They have a great front. I mean, they have some guys that can really rush the quarterback and put a lot of pressure on the ball. They are a good football team and if you don't play well against a good footballteam you get results like we got tonight."

On if the Lions did things he hasn't seen yet this preseason:
"I think they just have some really good players. You're not going to have time to sit back there and survey the field the whole time. They have guys that can rush the quarterback, that are disruptive in the run game, in the pass game. It's never been easy against the Lions. We've played them a bunch over the years and they are always very challenging. They'll have a very good team this year."

On the turnovers tonight:
"There are certain big plays in every game and we all have to realize that it could happen at any time, especially when you play a good team on the road. When they get the momentum, they are hard to stop. We just have to play better football. We had a couple good weeks against Tampa and Philly. We had some good practices and then we have a week like this when you figure out that we aren't anywhere where we need to be. If we are going to kickoff in two weeks, we are going to have to play a hell of a lot better than this. That's a good lesson for all of us, I don't care who you are. It's the NFL. It's a very humbling game and if you don't bring it every single night, every week, you get your butt kicked."

On WR Kenbrell Thompkins:
"Since he got here he has been so willing and eager to do whatever it takes and whatever the team asks of him. He made a lot of good plays down the field. We really needed that. He has done a great job."

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