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Tom Brady Pregame Press Conference - 9/17/03

Brady: We have been on the road four of the last five weeks, so it is good to be back home in front of the home crowd. Obviously, the Jets, a hated rival, so it should be exciting.

**Q: Divisional game, the home opener, you thoughts on what is coming up on Sunday.

TB:** I think it is a very important game. We have been on the road four of the last five weeks, so it is good to be back home in front of the home crowd. Obviously, the Jets, a hated rival, so it should be exciting.

**Q: When you look at the Jets, what do they pose defensively for you?

TB:** It is a solid defense. They have a lot of experienced guys, and they kicked our butt last year in the second game. I'm sure they are going to try to do more of the same. We are going to try to go out and come back.

**Q: Can you explain why they have won five in a row here at Foxborough?

TB:** That is a great question. I'm sure all of the guys in the locker room ask the same question. We have won a couple down there in a row. It doesn't usually work like that. It shows you that they are going to come up ready to play. They are not overly intimidated by this stadium. We are going to go out and try to end that streak.

**Q: The Jets are 0-2. Has the phrase "trap game" come up for this game?

TB:** Not really, because they are our rival. We have had situations where we have played teams when we haven't been playing as well and we came out and played the type of game we wanted to play. Just because they are 0-2, doesn't mean a whole lot. It is still really early in the year. This is the type of game that they are really going to want to change the momentum of their season.

**Q: In what areas is this team better?

TB:** From our standpoint?

**Q: Yes.

TB:** I would like to think we are all a year older and a year more experienced and have been together for a year longer. We are just going to continue to try to do the things that we have been doing all offseason and into training camp … throwing the ball with efficiency and getting the running game going and putting some heat on those guys. If you get one-dimensional with a team like this, who plays a solid all around game, that is not what we are trying to do. It would be a long day for us.

**Q: We have seen two different Patriots teams in the first two games. How long does it take to see a team true and true?

TB:** It is long season. It really is a long season. Over the course of 16 weeks it is not the easiest to figure out. A lot of times it comes down to the wire. I think the thing that we took out of last week was the previous week didn't mean anything going into last week. Just like the previous week this week doesn't mean anything going in to the Jets game. Whether we are 1-1, 0-2 or 2-0, it is all the same, especially this early in the year when you still are trying to find an indentity and still trying to find what your team can do to go out and win football games

**Q: You got the passing game going last week. With the running game, would you like to see a little more progress with in that area?

TB:** Yeah. We are trying to do it and it is just something that we have to stay after. We have very capable runners and a very capable offensive line and we have done it in the past. There is no reason for me to think that we can't go out there and run the ball for a couple hundred yards. We have to go out there are try to establish some consistency there too.

**Q: Because these teams know each other so well, is there a tendency to try to throw a new look or favor in the offense here and there?

TB:** I think you just attack it like … the coaches break down the film and they put together the game plan. When we get the game plan we try to see what the coaches saw when they put it together. They try to view us a view of what we are going to try to do this week. The same plays that weren't successful last year, you are not going to try to run those. You are going to go out there and try to put together some new things, some things that you are good at, so you can go out and execute

**Q: You and Christian (Fauria) have developed a nice little combination. Is there a chemistry to that?

TB:** I think Christian just does a great job. I think he and I have hit it off since he has been here. He does a great job of getting open. He is very dependable. You always know where he is going to be and he gets open. Quarterbacks love guys like that.

**Q: Do you look for him more in the end zone? It doesn't seem like you use him as much outside of the red zone. Is that the case?

TB:** A lot of times in red zone coverages, the guys that get tangled up are the tight ends and the running backs. A lot of teams play these specific coverages. Everyone plays it. Our team plays it, Buffalo played it, the Eagles played it where they try to take away the outside guys. So who comes into play but the tight end and the running backs. Christian when he gets those one-on one match-ups, he does a great job of getting open. He always catches the ball. Those catches that he makes are not easy and a lot of times I make it tough for him. He goes out and grabs it and takes a hit and gets up and does that spike between his legs. I don't like that very much.

**Q: Does he need to work on his choreography?

TB:** Yeah, I think they should spend some time during the week trying to work on that touchdown dance and choreography because whatever they are doing is not getting it done in the end zone dance department.

**Q: Do you feel the hatred for this team … the Gang Green type of thing?

TB:** I think there is hatred on both sides. We don't care ever to see the Jets win games, and they don't care to see us win games. When we come together, something has to give. Hopefully it is their side.

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