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Tom Brady Press Conf. Transcript

Brady: I think over the last three weeks…it feels like it has been three months

**Q: What do you think so far at this stage of camp?

TB:** I think over the last three weeks…it feels like it has been three months…I think we have improved quite a bit. I think that Coach said it perfectly. He said that we've made some great strides to this point but now the thing is you can't go backwards. You can't go back. You have to build and improve on what we have tried to work on.

**Q: Decisions are on five or six receivers. Do you lobby for that?

TB:** I leave that up to Coach. He seems to make all the right decisions. In terms of personnel stuff, we have a lot of people. I am hoping they will all be around and I am hoping that they will all make some significant contributions.

**Q: How good does it feel to get camp and two-a-days out of the way?

TB:** It's great. It's a little bit back to normal life. Getting home at a normal time and opening your mail and doing your laundry and doing all the normal stuff again.

**Q: Coach said earlier that schematically you put less things into play than last year, but you were executing the ones you have put into play better. Would you agree with that?

TB:** I think some things have come a little easier this year, because we have been doing it longer. David [Patten] has been here for another year. Troy [Brown] has been here in the system, another year. Antwoine [Smith]. Kevin [Faulk]. A lot of guys are back. So I think from a schematic standpoint, we are at a point where we can really improve on and take from where we started last year, rather than always starting new and fresh every year. We can really build on some on the things we did last year.

**Q: A few thoughts on the Redskins?

TB:** They have a tough defense. It seems like all these teams we play have tough defenses. They have three great linebackers. Champ Bailey is one of the top guys in the league. Fred Smoot is a good player. I know they got beat last week, but they are going to come ready to play, especially it being their first home game.

**Q: How is this offense going to be different this year?

TB:** The one thing that I hope we are better at, is that I hope we are more consistent. I think that at different times last year we had flashes of pretty solid play and at other times it didn't even look like the same team out there. There were turnovers and penalties and missed assignments. If we can just stay consistent and just execute and everyone do their job and do their role, we will be very balanced. And when we are balanced we will be tough to stop. I hope you don't see a lot of three-and-outs. I hope you see a lot of points on the board. That's what I am hoping for.

**Q: What do you want to get out of game?

TB:** Probably just playing. And staying in there for significant amount of time to be able to go out there and have some drop back passes and have some play action passes. Getting through some different series and condition ourselves for a long game. I know the one thing that I have taken out of the last couple of years, you play preseason and you only play one quarter. Then you get to the regular season and it seems like those games are forever. If I can play a lot this game, and play well, I think it is really going to get us off to a good start. Get us off to the type of football we need to be playing.

**Q: Does playing teams you play during the regular season limit what you guys can really accomplish in preseason games?

TB:** I think that in certain instances there are advantages and disadvantages. Part of it is, we are playing them soon so you don't have to show your hand. The other parts of it is that you really get to see how they are going to adjust to certain formations and see how they are going to play certain players and figure out the match-ups and the speed of the defenses. Just the familiarity when we play them the fourth or fifth week of the year, we will already know their players and their lead coverages and their techniques on defense. It is kind of like you get two weeks to prepare for them for one meaningful game.

**Q: At this stage do you have reason for optimism in the running game?

TB:** I think that is one place where there has been a lot of improvement, not that we didn't run it well last year because at different times we did, but I think it has been more consistent. Even in training camp, a lot of those backs are running good and I think the offensive line has really improved on their techniques and whatever they are trying to do, whether it be jab blocking or those combo blocks Coach always talks about, they really seem to be pushing guys off the ball.

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