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Tom Brady Press Conference - 10/8/03

Brady: I really think the best football for this team is ahead of us.

**Q: Your elbow looked pretty good on Sunday when throwing some downfield passes. How are you feeling?

TB:** I think it was better. I think we played better. I think we ran the ball better. I think when throwing it my eyes were in better places. I really think the best football for this team is ahead of us. I think we are just starting to figure out what we are doing well and we are going to try to get to those things more often.

**Q: Is this a breakout game scoring 30 plus points, especially for the offensive line? Do you feel that things are starting to jell and you guys are moving in the right direction?

TB:** I think the offensive line has done a great job all year. They are really protecting me well. I think there are holes there for the backs. I think it really was a good win. I think it gives the team a lot of confidence that we can go out against the good teams and beat them. The home-field advantage was huge. I remember going down there last year, but having the fans as rowdy as they were on Sunday; it was good to see.

**Q: What about their defense concerns you guys?

TB:** They are a very solid defense. They don't make many mistakes. They are coached very well. They have very solid, tough players. They are intense and hard-hitting. There are no missed assignments. You really have to earn those yards. They don't give you anything out there.

**Q: Talk about the Giants.

TB:** I think the one thing this team has proven is that they play under pressure. A lot of things that have come out of there haven't been as positive as Giants teams in the past. Whenever that has happened they seem to turn it around. I think we are going to get their best shot. That is what we expect and that is what we are going to expect. We are pretty familiar with them playing them in the preseason and playing them last year in the preseason. They are kind of a familiar opponent.

**Q: About keying on one player. What is your approach to keying on Michael Strahan?

TB:** He is a guy that you always have to account for. He can terrorize a game. He is everything that you can ask for in a player. He is tough, strong, quick rush to the passer, plays the run great. He is going to be a guy that we are going to have to account for on every play. They have other guys like that too. That whole defensive line is good. The linebackers are athletic, strong and tough. The secondary is very athletic and tough as well. I think that is how their coach wants them to play and those are the kind of players they got. They do a good job running what their coach teaches them.

**Q: Is this a team that can run the ball on a regular basis the way you did last week?

TB:** That remains to be seen. I think there is evidence to say, yeah. At times we did. That is as good of a defensive line as we will see all year. This week is just as tough. Last week was tough, but we proved we could do it against a good team. I think we can run. I think we have an offensive line that is starting to come together a little bit. Guys are getting back healthy. Guys have been in certain roles for weeks now and they doing a great job. The offensive line is tough and they are improving and I think this week is going to be better than the last. For us it is just going to be about mixing up the run and the pass. The better we pass it, the easier it is going to be to run and vice versa.

**Q: As you break down their defense, are there any holes in it?

TB:** Consistently no because I think they are good. They have good players. They have a good scheme. They are coached well. They play tough and don't miss tackles. They have proven it for years and years. They are doing it year in and year out.

**Q: Because you have been able to spread the ball around, do you see defenses taking a different approach to the way they defend you in the secondary in particular with Troy [Brown]? Is he seeing less double coverage than in the past?

TB:** I think we have always spread it around here. We try to get it to whoever is out there. I think a lot of plays that come up, we are doing a good job of finding different guys and making them account for everybody. Troy is always right at the top of the list. Teams always have to be conscious where Troy is.

**Q: You are 2-0 in this stadium. It was pretty rocking last Sunday. Do you feel that there is a home field advantage and the crowd works to your advantage?

TB:** Yeah, I do. I think the more the fans come here and the better memories we have of the fans coming here and the more you can break the stadium in, the louder it is going to get. And the better we play, the louder it gets too. We have been in situations where we haven't played so well and they have booed us off the field and deservingly so. But at the same time, when we are playing well it is rocking.

**Q: As a baseball analyst, what do you think of the Red Sox vs. Yankees matchup?

TB:** I'm a poor analyzer. I think it is going to be a great series. Hopefully the Sox play as well as they can. They are going against a tough team. It is going to be a heck of a game and a heck of a series.

**Q: Ty Law was saying that he and [Amani] Toomer got into a fight almost every day in practice. Is that just a Michigan thing?

TB:** I think Amani, when I was there, got into a fight with everybody in practice. He fought Charles Woodson. He fought all these guys. He is a tough guy. He is quite a competitor. He takes a lot of pride in what he does. Coach read some stats this morning from him and he is re-writing all the record books for Giants receiving. He is unbelievable.

**Q: Your games against the Giants have been close. Do you think there might be a rivalry there as well?

TB:** We have had some tough games. We have pretty much the same style. I think it is tough teams that hit hard, play hard, play until the whistle and play for 60 minutes … very disciplined. I think whenever you find two teams like that, something has to give. At some point, it does play out for 60 minutes and the best team usually does win.

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