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Tom Brady Press Conference Transcript - 10/5/2011

Read what New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had to say as he addressed the New England media at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, October 5, 2011.

Q: How much does the loss to the Jets in the playoffs motivate you this week?  

TB: That was a long time ago. So that game doesn't have much bearing on this week. We're a different team.  

Q: What do you expect from them coming off a loss? They talk about being hungry and going back to the ground-and-pound. It will be a great atmosphere, but what do you expect from the Jets when you play them on Sunday afternoon.  

TB: Pretty much what we get from them every time we play them. They're a tough team [and] they're physical. I think they lead the league in a bunch of defensive categories. They're very challenging to play. They have been - it's always the Jets - since I got here 12 years ago; they're challenging. It's a fun game to be a part of. I hope we can go out there and play better than the last time we played them.  

Q: You don't want to say anything to get the home crowd fired up, do you?  

TB: I'm not joking any more this year.  

Q: How do you feel about what Antonio Cromartie said about you? He said he hates you and called you a name I can't repeat here.  

TB: I don't care what he says about me - I really don't.  

Q: What's your opinion about him as a player?  

TB: He's very good - excellent player. They have two very good corners. Well, they have a bunch of very good corners actually. The two that are out there on their regular defense are very good. They're both fast, they're both physical. They play well at the line of scrimmage. They're very disruptive. They lead the league in pass defense, so that kind of tells you everything you want to know about them.  

Q: Does their defense look any different from the one you saw in the playoffs -what you've seen so far this year?  

TB: They're good - they were good last year, they're good this year, and they were good two years ago. I think as long as Rex [Ryan] is coaching that team they're going to have good defense. They have a lot of good defensive players - David Harris and Bart [Scott]. [They have] a good front, corners can cover - safeties - [Jim] Leonhard, [Eric] Smith, and Brodney [Pool] have given us problems so it's a good team.  

Q: How much do you have to adjust to who Darrelle Revis winds up covering?  

TB: We just call our plays and whoever he lines up on, he lines up on. If the guy gets open, he gets the ball, as we have shown, and if he doesn't then somebody else gets the ball.  

Q: How much stock do you put into what the Jets did before they played last Sunday against the Ravens and what happened to them against the Ravens?  

TB: They still played pretty well defensively. I don't think [Joe] Flacco threw for 50 percent. The Ravens had a bunch of scores - defensive scores, but that doesn't really affect me at all.  We are preparing for a very good defense - tough, physical style, that's good in pass coverage. They lead the league in first down defense. They lead the league in third down defense. They're one of the best that we play all year.  

Q: Last week they used a running back, Joe McKnight, coming off the corner to blitz Joe Flacco one time. What would you do if you saw something like that? Does that show something that they're worrying about their speed?  

TB: I don't know why they substitute different guys in. They have a bunch of different personnel packages. We have had a bunch of players here that have gone both ways. If you're on the roster then you can get out there at any point. You treat them like any other defensive back while he's out there- that's kind of how they are playing him and hopefully we can block him.  

Q: I know Wes Welker is off to an unbelievable start. Can this offense, as good as it's been, become too reliant on one guy? Would you like to be a little more diverse as the season progresses and not have him be the primary target on almost every play?  

TB: You throw to the open guy. So if he's open, he'll get it. If not, someone else will get it. I think that he's done a good job of getting open.  

Q: Antonio Cromartie criticized you because you have 'antics' he called them - you taunt the other team after a touchdown. Do you feel like you do that or do you not know where he's coming from with those comments.  

TB: I really don't care what he says.

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