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Tom Brady Press Conference Transcript

Read what New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had to say as he addressed the media during his press conference on Wednesday, November 9, 2011.

Q: Looking back at the Jets film, are they doing anything different than when you faced them earlier in the year?  

TB: I mean, it's the same group of guys doing the same type of scheme. I think we've played them a bunch of times over the last few years and we know them probably better than anybody else in the league. They kind of do what they do. There is some game plan-type elements to each game. I'm sure they'll have some for us this week. They're a tough team to prepare for. They've got a lot of stuff, they've got a lot of really good players, good scheme. They play well at home. It's a great challenge.  

Q: In your career, has there ever been a time where you might be hesitant to throw to a certain player because in your mind, you're not sure if he can make the play?  

TB: No, I mean, the guys that you're comfortable with, those are the guys that are usually on the field. So, if they're on the field, we're very comfortable in having them out there. That goes for me as well. If the coach is comfortable putting me in the game, that's what he's going to do. If he's not comfortable putting me in the game because he doesn't trust me, then I'm not going to be in the game. I'm trying to stay out on the field, doing the right things more often than not.  

Q: You've been throwing more interceptions than you usually do. Have you been able to pinpoint a common theme with them or is it just circumstantial??  

TB: Just decision making. I've just got to make better decisions.  

Q: How would you describe the mood of the team this week?  

TB: Excited. We've got a great challenge. You play a division team on the road - I think everyone is very excited about the challenge and guys came in ready to work and hopefully we get off to a good start today.  

Q: It seems like teams have started to get their hands up instead of rushing. Have you seen that with some of the interceptions and what's your recourse or response to that?  

TB: Yeah, I mean, some teams have gotten their hands on some balls and tipped some balls. Every team does that. Every team tries to bat balls down, especially when they feel like they're engaged and they see the quarterback. You throw the ball and they get their hand on it and make a play. It's just part of the game and part of football. You try to not have it happen as an offense; when it does, you just move on.  

Q: Is it hard for you to reconcile the fact that you're leading an offense that's ranked among the league leaders, yet you've had trouble scoring points the last few weeks?  

TB: We're always trying to execute better. We need to go out there and execute well this week. Last time we played them we were a bit inconsistent as well, even though we scored 30 points. I think we can still be more consistent. Each of us are really evaluating ourselves and what we can do better in order to help the team win. I've certainly done that and hopefully I go out there and play very well at the quarterback position.  

Q: Are there plays where you look at all the film after the game and you think, 'We're this close' across the board? Or do you look at it and say, 'I don't know what we're going to do?'  

TB: I don't feel like we can't figure it out. We've showed we can produce. We've made plenty of good plays. There's no doubt about that. It's just that we've got to eliminate some of the ones that are holding us back, namely the turnovers.  

Q: I saw there were 25 targets to Rob Gronkowski and Wes Welker. Do you feel like you need to get other guys involved or it ok to just get the playmakers the ball?  

TB: Sure, I think there's a balance of that as well. If they're open, they get it. If they're covered, you throw to someone else. If you put other guys in position and they're open first, they get the ball. Really, the guys that are going to get the ball are guys who are open. You're never trying to just force the ball. I don't think I've ever - well, I shouldn't say that. I have done that, where you pick before the play and usually it doesn't go very well. A lot of times you try to just read it out. You know the route, you know the coverage, you know the matchup, you read it, you make a throw using good technique and try to throw the ball with accuracy. We could bring one of you guys out there to play quarterback if we told you who to throw to before the ball was snapped. It wouldn't be very good.  

Q: Chad Ochocinco did get open a few times. How encouraging is that for you to see things start to click on the field?  

TB: Yeah, he is, and he's continued to do a great job in practice and his role that he's really carved out for himself. He's going to continue to be out there and hopefully make a bunch of plays for us. One of these days, it really is going to click for all of us and the offense is going to…You always just go back to the foundation that we built, which is based on hard work and getting out there and working your tail off.  

Q: Even though the production isn't there, is it impossible for you to get frustrated with him because of how hard he seems to have worked?  

TB: Yeah, and everybody is working hard. I think that's…you just realize at some point it's going to pay off for all of us. You keep working hard, you keep staying late, you keep communicating, you're working at it, you're competitive, you're trying to do the right thing; It's going to pay off.  We've got a long way to go.

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