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Tom Brady Press Transcript

Brady: Obviously, they have a pretty explosive offense and I think defensively they are pretty good too. It is going to be a tough challenge.

**Q: Do you feel that this game against Indianapolis is the biggest test of the year?

TB:** Yes, definitely. I think they are pretty good in all phases. Obviously, they have a pretty explosive offense and I think defensively they are pretty good too. It is going to be a tough challenge. I think playing in a dome again and dealing with the noise, it is going to be another challenge. No question this is going to be a tough one.

**Q: You had some success the last time you played in that dome in 2001. Do you have a comfortable feeling playing in there?

TB:** We had a lot of good plays in that game. We really went out and executed well. I hope it turns out like that. We are expecting to get a tough fight and I think they are formidable.

**Q: They have also changed quite a bit from then with Tony Dungy and they have gone to a lot of speed on defense.

TB:** Yes, no question. They have one of the best pass rushes in the league. They have some very athletic linebackers and a good experienced secondary. They are pretty good. I think offensively we are going to need to go out and play our best game. I think everyone is excited about the challenge.

**Q: Are you a little more pumped up with the two 9-2 records facing off?

TB:** It gets your juices going. Everyone is excited. We were in here yesterday practicing a little bit earlier than usual, so everyone was still a little bit sore. Having a day ahead is good, especially this week.

**Q: With Peyton Manning, do you enjoy watching what he does with this offense?

TB:** He is a good player. He throws the ball really well, has great command, has been a great leader. He is very productive and has been to three or four Pro Bowls. He is one of the best in the league. I know it is going to be a tough challenge for our defense to go out and stop them.

**Q: Having won the games the way that you have, what has it done for your attitude?

TB:** I think we are confident that we can go out and win anywhere in any place at any time. I think being down on the road late we have proved that we can come back and win those games. Like I have said, I wish we were up by 30 at those points. It is confident team. We had to go out and play well and obviously the more wins you have, the more confident you become. The better teams you play and with those type of wins, the more confidence you are going to gain. There is no question we are confident.

**Q: If you guys control the ball that helps your defense. How important of a factor is that this week?

TB:** I think every team tries to do that against them because they don't want that offense on the field a lot. The more we can be out there obviously the less they are out there and the more we have opportunities to score. I hope we go out and execute the way I think we are capable. I think we have done a good job understanding what this defense is doing and when they are going to do it and I think we have put together a pretty good plan. Now it is just about going out and executing it.

**Q: Why have you had so much success with the two-minute offense?

TB:** We have been pretty good at it since I started here, my first year even. I think we have a good mix of plays. I think guys execute it well. We practice it quite a bit. In a lot of those situational things we are pretty good at. The two-minute drill being probably one of the most important situation.

**Q: You seem to relish being in that opportunity?

TB:** It forces you to be really sharp and really focused and hopefully you go out and try to make the plays. I have said that I have a lot of confidence in the guys that I have with me. We had three two-minute drills last game and all of them were successful. I think having the confidence that the receivers can do the drills, run the plays and get the communication right., and the offensive line can protect in passing situations for multiple plays and understanding what the defense is trying to do. I think we do a great job of scouting that stuff during the week. Our receivers coach Brian Daboll does a lot of that. So we are very prepared.

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