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Tom Brady summons receivers in hilarious 'Anchorman' inspired video, Julian Edelman responds

Tom Brady breaks out the conch shell to summon his wide receivers in new Facebook video.

Tom Brady reigns supreme in many things, like football and Facebook. But on Thursday we learned not even TB12 can hang with Ron Burgundy when it comes to playing the conch shell.

While on vacation, Tom summoned his wide receivers for a game of catch on the beach using a shell and some "Anchorman" inspiration. Birds flocked, deer stopped mid-graze and a serene river faded into a familiar place: Gillette Stadium. 

Though the triumphant sound echoed across landscapes, Tom's real time efforts were … not great. Maybe Ron Burgundy can coach him on making music – with both shells and the jazz flute. 

This isn't the first time Tom has paid tribute to classic movies. His dogs fully bought in to the "Lion King" scene earlier this year, but unfortunately, his receiver friends did not move with the same swiftness of the Channel Four News Team. 


It took Julian Edelman less than two hours to counter his QB's social media call, with some help from Danny Amendola.

The two up the dramatics and don police uniforms, remove sunglasses in slow motion and sprint down an alley. Julian and Danny hop into a cop car to answer Tom's call, but before they make it to Costa Rica for an urgent game of catch, it's donut tyme. 

Don't worry, Tom. They'll get there eventually. 

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