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Tom Brady Thinks Jerod Mayo Will be "Great" for Patriots

Tom Brady is excited to see his former Patriots teammate take over as head coach in New England.


Tom Brady appeared on the Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday and covered a wide range of topics as he prepares to move into broadcasting with FOX next season, including offering his thoughts on new Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo.

Mayo joined New England in 2008 after being selected 10th overall out of Tennessee, as Brady and the Pats were coming off a disappointing ending in which they fell short of their fourth title and a perfect season in 2007. Brady and Mayo didn't get to spend much of Mayo's rookie year together as Brady was lost for the season early in the first quarter of the '08 kickoff, but the duo would go on to play eight seasons together with two more Super Bowl appearances and one championship title, giving Brady a firm sense of who Mayo is and what kind of leader he'll make in New England.

"Jerod was a great leader, a great captain, a great friend," said Brady. "I think he had a tremendous amount of success in football, and then had success in other parts of his life, retired and then him coming back into coaching, I think it's great for the NFL and certainly great for the Patriots. He's got a great understanding of how things need to be done. I think Jerod does an incredible job relating to everybody in the locker room, all the coaches and I think he'll do a great job.

Mayo has been hard at work composing New England's new-look staff with DeMarcus Covington the favorite to land the team's defensive coordinator position. Moves on the offensive side of the ball as well as coordinating the special teams are also expected to happen sooner rather than later as well.

While the league is preparing to crown a winner of Super Bowl 58 between Kansas City and San Francisco, teams like the Patriots are already engaged in offseason mode, something that Brady is preparing to fully invest himself into.

"There's only one happy team at the end of the year and then 31 other teams are looking for answers, trying to figure out how to get back," said Brady. "The Patriots are one of those teams and they made some significant changes. There's been a lot of changes in the NFL, that's always certain. I'm just excited to pay attention and watch it. I'll be paying attention all offseason, every move. I know when I hit the ground running with FOX next year we'll be up the speed and ready to kick some ass."

If and when Mayo's Patriots play on FOX with Brady calling the game there's sure to be plenty of interest.

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