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Tony Sparano and Vontae Davis Conference Call Transcript

Read what Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano and CB Vontae Davis had to say to the New England media during their conference call on Wednesday, September 7, 2011.

Tony Sporano

(On thoughts of the Patriots on Monday Night) - "We're excited about the game, obviously, a heck of a team, great environment and great opportunity for us here on Monday Night so good way to start the season."

(On utilizing Chad Ochocinco in the offense) - "Well, obviously, we didn't see him a whole lot of him here, you know, throughout the preseason. But I would envision that they would use him in some type of rotation there and probably try to get him in a few different spots that are out there so I'm sure it's part of the learning curve is just getting him in different positions to get him the ball."

(On A.J. Edds' release and as a player) -
"It just ended up being numbers, I mean, he's a very smart player. We had 10 linebackers on the team at the time, you know, A.J. (Edds) obviously missed a lot of time last year with the ACL so that really was it."

(On how much experience does Edds have as a long snapper) - "He has a good amount of long snapping experience, he was a really solid backup long snapper and actually had to do some of it in the preseason game this year."

(On Marc Colombo) - "Yeah, tough, smart guy. A guy that plays with good awareness, but really tough and brings that toughness in the group and a really smart player."

(On playing a 4-3 defense) - "Well, were preparing for all and any right now so I mean, I think that we prepared for all scenarios and we'll continue to prepare for all scenarios right now. But am I anxious? Sure, I'm just anxious to get to the game and get going that way so you know, these players have seen a lot different fronts. We practiced against 3-4 everyday here and we had to play against the 4-3 so we'll see what they do."

(On Albert Haynesworth) - "He's a good player. He's an active player and another big, physical guy in there with Vince (Wilfork) and that group that they have so, he can give you pass rushing ability, but more importantly I think the guy is he's really active around the ball in the run game. We've had several opportunities to play against Albert (Haynesworth) and he's been a handful."

(On Chad Henne's performance in the preseason) - "Well, he's a lot more comfortable right now, I think like (Chad) Henne, young quarterback, going into, it's his fourth year, but really his third year as a starter here. I think there's a comfort level that comes with getting into that particular year, you look at some of the really good quarterbacks around in the league and that's when the light went on for the.  I think Chad's really had a productive preseason right now, he has really good command of the offense and if there was anything good about the lockout, it was that Chad had to be out there and ran all the workouts and did all that stuff and I think it was really helpful for him."

(On Chad being booed during training camp, was it difficult) - "Well, I didn't really try to manage it one way or the other, but, as far as it being difficult, well I mean, you don't want that for any of your players before the season starts, but I mean, we're all big boys here and we all understand that comes with the territory and it's only one way to change it."

(On playing the Patriots first game of the season) - "Yeah, they're obviously a really good team. They got good coaches and good players, really good team, so we're excited about playing them right out of the shoot, but really doesn't matter who we're playing. It's the first game, it happens to be a division game and every game in our division is a big game. So, I think it sets the stage for a really big game right off the hop here, so I don't think there's one team in the league going into this weekend saying we do not want to do well in the opener so I think everyone wants to get off to a good start and we're no different from anybody else here so we're excited playing a game in front of our fans."

(On the difference of the offense) - "I think it's a little different in that we had, you know, we have different speed right now, on the offensive side of the ball. We will see what we do when we get out there, Reggie (Bush) is, he's been a really good addition to our group right now. Brian (Daboll) has done a nice job with the offense and getting those guys going as we speak, but we'll what happens when we get in the regular season. That preseason stuff is over and now we're into the regular season and we're going to have to prove to people that we can move the football."

(On Brian's performance so far) - "He's done a great job. I mean couldn't ask for more and he's done a super job, well prepared. You can see that Brian's time with Coach Belichick and the Patriots there has served him well. Of course, he was on the defensive side of the ball for a little while there so that helps any young coordinator coming into our league, having some experience on the other side of the ball and seeing it from the end. So Brian has done a great job and has a lot of enthusiasm and rubs off on our players."

(On the most challenging off-season, personally) - "Well, yeah, I would say so. I mean, I never been through anything like it so if you're asking me that then yeah, it was pretty difficult. I don't think I've ever been through anything like it and I don't know if there's been a lot people that have, but that's over and done with, we're moving on and getting ready to play the Patriots."

Vontae Davis (On what it's going to be like facing the Patriot's offense and what are his thoughts going into that challenge) - "I mean it's a division matchup, a big challenge for us. It's going to be a hostile environment for us and it's going to be built up because like I said it's a division matchup with Tom Brady and a high explosive offense coming to Miami."

(On if this is a quick way to find out where you are as a defensive backfield) - "It's a stepping stone for us with the first game.  Everybody is excited.  It's a big game for everybody because it's a division matchup.  Division matchups' are always big games."

(On how much he looks forward to being challenged already in game one facing Tom Brady) - "It's a competitive league.  We expect that.  This is the National Football League so we expect to be challenged right out the gate.  You have to prepare for the Patriot depth."

(On if he was surprised the Dolphins released A.J. Edds and what he can bring to the Patriots) - "Of course I'm thinking that they're going to ask what we do on defense and try to get as much information as they can."

(On what kind of skills A.J. Edds can bring to the Patriots) - "From my knowledge he was a really productive, special teams guy.  He can probably help them on special teams the most."

(On what he has seen from Reggie Bush and how he has helped the offense) - "He's an explosive player and he can do a lot of things from a lot of different positions.  He is excited to watch with the ball in his hands.  He can change a little play into a huge play."

(On if there is added pressure to getting off to a good start, especially with this being a home game) - "No, there's no pressure.  This is the National Football League; this is what we train and prepare for so we're looking forward to the season."

(On what he thought of how the organization handled the coaching situation in the offseason and how the players handled that) - "As players we promote Coach Sparano because he has been here.  That's a decision the ownership made and completely out of my hands.  But Coach Sparano, we support the guy.  He's a great coach to us and we're ready to play for him."

(On what he has seen from Chad Ochocinco in New England and if he thinks they are using him differently there) - "Chad, they are going to try and give him the ball.  He's still a good receiver and he believes he's a future hall of famer.  I mean that's what kind of a guy he is and I'm sure New England wants to get him the ball as much as possible."

(On if he surprised the comments about the Dolphins having the best cornerback duo in the league got such big reactions) - "I was absolutely surprised.  They kind of blow it out of proportion.  I respect all the guys that came in front (of me) the (Darrelle) Revis and the (Antonio) Cromarties'.  I play with confidence.  I ain't expect to get that much attention but I mean that's the media for you."

(On all the attention, did you change your mind about the cornerback duo or still believe what you said) - "No I'm just going about it.  I'm really not talking much on the attention part of it.  I'm just getting better every day as a player, me and my teammates working.  Let the season take care of itself."

(On his thoughts on what Devin McCourty has been able to do just a little over a year in the league) - "He's got a lot of potential.  He's a young corner so I'm pretty sure he's still developing as a player.  But at the same time he's selling himself at me and Sean Smith.  He's a young guy that's confident and can develop into a future good player in the league someday."

(On if cornerbacks are growing in size to compete with some of the bigger receivers) - "Yeah of course.  Nowadays you got to have a big corner because receivers are getting bigger.  No more little, small receivers.  Checking receivers are like 6'5. I mean you got to have big corners to match up with these guys."   

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