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Trestman kicks things off


INDIANAPOLIS - Marc Trestman, the Chicago Bears new head coach, kicked off the proceedings this morning at the NFL Combine and shortly after discussing his team and expressing his excitement, he was asked about the Patriots recent Canadian import, defensive lineman Armond Armstead.

Trestman spent the last five seasons coaching the CFL's Montreal Allouettes, and Armstead played north of the border for Toronto in 2012. The Bears boss didn't speak specifically about Armstead but instead focused on the level of play in Canada and some of the differences between the leagues.

"There are some players up there certainly that have shown they can play in the NFL, that's been proven over time," Trestman began. "There haven't been many but the guys who have shown up did a pretty good job of fitting in. Players up there are very similar to the guys down here in terms of character. They want to master their craft, they want to be the best they can be, and some of them have had the opportunity south of the border and done well.

"There are multiple differences [in the games]. Generally, the box is still the box and the blitzes you see in the CFL are the similar blitzes you see south of the border, but the field is wider. It's intelligently creative, no doubt about it. It's a three-down league. the defensive line is a yard off the ball, the field is a mile long and a mile wide and they play with 12 so it's a different game."

Nothing on Armstead specifically but listening to Trestman extol the virtues of CFL play and it's clear he believes the Patriots recent ventures there are worthwhile investments. New England also signed former Northeastern standout Jason Vega, a defensive end out of Brockton, Mass.

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