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Tully Banta-Cain Postgame Press Conference - 12/20/2009

Patriots linebacker Tully Banta-Cain addresses the media during his postgame press conference from Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday, December 20, 2009.

On getting a road win:
It is sweet. We have been talking about it all year not being able to get a win on the road. To pull this one off and is a division game I can't ask for a better setting.

On the defense:
We were able to mix it up the pressures early in the game and we got some success and as the game went on we were able to wear down their front and their protection and it gave me some opportunities for me to get some mismatches on the running back and left tackles and I was able to capitalize.

On the pass rush being an emphasis:
It is always an emphasis to get pressure on the quarterback. Just some weeks depending on the plays the offense is running against us the plays they minimize those opportunities to get pressure. I think overall it is a team effort. Sometimes we might get pressure but we have a mistake on the back end or front end we don't get the guy in the right assignment to get the job done. So it is a team effort to get pressure on the quarterback and I think we put it together today.

On changing the defense for today's game:
We did that a couple of years ago here and I think that it really helps to confuse the offensive line they don't really know who to pick up in their protection and the fact that we were able to move around and get them off guard helped out.

On getting momentum from the road win:
You want to win every game whether it is at home or on the road. The fact that we have been struggling on the road that does give us a boost and get that monkey off our back for the season because we have had a hard time getting these type of wins. I'm sure we will build off this and it is not our last road game so hopefully we can build off this for the next time.

On the physicality of today's game:
I think that it is a good game to build off because they have a good running attack and they are physical running team. The fact we could neutralize them in that aspect and get them to throw the ball more it gives us credit as a defense.

On making adjustments to the defense after the first drive of the game:
I think we made some adjustments on the front. A couple of guys including myself were out of place on the plays and we looked at the drive and said that wasn't so much them, that was us. We made the adjustments we need to make and pretty much neutralize them after that.

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