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Ty Law Media Day Transcript

CB TY LAW(On what he sees in Panthers QB Jake Delhomme)“He’s a very patient quarterback. He leads his team well.


*(On what he sees in Panthers QB Jake Delhomme)
"He's a very patient quarterback. He leads his team well. He wants to let the run build up and then he likes to hit you with the play action pass. He likes to go long. But he's very patient. He's going to take what the defense gives him."

(on what he can do to get in Delhomme's head)
"It's not about getting in his head. It's about going out there and playing hard. We're out there trying to play our game just like they're going to try to play their game and may the best team win."

*(on if a shut down corner or pass rusher is more important)
"I think it's one in the same. If you have a pass rusher that can get to the quarterback and make the ball come out quick, I think it's invaluable. But, as a shut down corner, to be able to take away the other team's top receiver regardless if the pass rush is in, I might have to give that cornerback the edge. It's tough being out there, trying to take away half the field, especially when you don't have the pass rush. If you have the pass rush, it just makes it that much easier. I think they're kind of like one in the same, but I have to give the edge to the corner."

*(on how this trip to the Super Bowl is different than his first time)
"You're pretty much like, you've been there the first time. You get there the second time and it's pretty much the same every time you come down. You know what's at stake. I was unfortunate enough to be on the losing end, so I know that you don't want to come down here and lose the football game. When you get to this point, you want to finish it out and you have the two best teams standing right now and hopefully we can be the last team standing."

*(on if he has to be careful that he doesn't take the Panthers lightly)
"You always have to be careful of that but this is not the type of team that disrespects anybody. We know that on any given Sunday, anything can happen. We've been the underdogs for so long that we don't even know how to act if we're favored. We always take the same approach to each and every game."

(on what he sees in Panthers WR Steve Smith)
"He's an incredible run after catch guy. He can make a five-yard play and turn it into a 50-yard touchdown. When you're covering a guy like Steve Smith, you're going to have to be on him tight. You can't let him get out into the open field or he's going to make people miss. He's a strong runner. He's a punt returner. So the point is to try not to let him get the ball in his hands, and when he does, because he's such a great player, you just have to corral him and everyone run to the ball and tackle him."

*(on the fact that the running game has been mentioned but the Panthers have made plays in the passing game)
"They have, because they set it up with the run so well and then they hit you with the play action passes. They're a very patient team but when they do hit you, they hit you good. They have big play ability with their receivers – Muhsin Muhammad, Steve Smith, Ricky Proehl. Delhomme finds the open guy. If you have a couple guys concentrating on Smith, he's going to hit you with Muhammad – concentrating on Muhammad, he's going to hit you with Smith. Proehl – he does it all. He's (Delhomme) a very patient quarterback and he leads his team well, but it's all set up by the run."

*(on what he has done to stay in the league so long)
"I have to credit my work ethic - my training in the offseason with Bob Kersee. I'm very adamant about my training. I have an ultimate goal after this – Super Bowl, playing well, making money – everybody tends to focus on those types of things. But my ultimate goal is to hopefully get enshrined in the Hall of Fame. That's just something that I strive for. To say that it's going to happen, I don't know, but that's what I'm working for. So I feel if I work to achieve that goal, everything else will take care of itself, as far as the accolades, the contracts, the money and everything else. I don't play this game for that. I play this game because I love it and I want to go out there and be the best at it. That's why I prepare myself each and every week to go out there and do the best job I possibly can. If I don't do a great job in one game, I'm trying to make sure it doesn't happen the next game. I try to play on a consistent basis and be the best cornerback in the game. I hear a lot of talk about a lot of other cornerbacks, which I respect in this league, but I want to make it a point that every time I'm on the field, I'm the best one."

*(on how he and the team moved past the loss to Buffalo in the beginning of the season)
"We have a pretty prideful group here and then that Buffalo game was an embarrassment to all of us. I think that we did need that because after everything that happened in the beginning with Lawyer (Milloy), losing our team captain and my best friend, it was like 'You know what? We're still football players. No one man wins a football game, so that's not an excuse.' Everyone tried to say, 'Okay, they lost Lawyer Milloy.' But that's no excuse to go out there and put on a display like that, because even if Lawyer Milloy was playing, we would have lost the game because of how poorly we played as a team. I think it was the point of being embarrassed so bad, that we wanted to come out and prove to everybody and ourselves that we're a better football team than that, and then one thing led to another and we're here."

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