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Ty Warren Press Conference Quotes - 1/28/2008

Patriots' DT Ty Warren addresses the media during a press conference at the Super Bowl Media center on January 28, 2008.


Ty Warren addressed the media at the Super Bowl Media Center on Monday afternoon
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(on the nice weather today)
"It's good. It's nice to have a change of scenery. It was a beautiful day out there today, and we enjoyed it. My joints definitely felt that I was on grass today. It felt good."

(on if his contract extension motivated him)
"It had nothing to do with anything on the field. It's just another aspect of the game, as far as what's on the field. I come out there to play football, and I work hard. That's what I do."

(on if the extension gave him any security)
"It's all great. It felt good that the extension happened, but at the same time, how are you going to see that extension if you're not working hard? Work is still very much a big part of it."

(on the loss of Marquise Hill)
"I think with all the controversy, and allegation, and finger pointing that has happened during the season, that's something that's been overlooked, as far as the season is concerned. I think everybody in that locker room is not only playing for themselves, or their family or this organization, but I think a lot of them are playing for Marquise. We all went down, prior to the season, went down to his wake and his funeral, and we got to meet his family. We got to know him more than we got to know him in the locker room. I think that motivated us every time we walked by his locker to not take things for granted, things like going out to practice or days when you're so banged up and you've got bumps and bruises everywhere. When you feel like you can't make it through the day, you just look over at that locker, and that's motivation. I think that's something that's been overlooked this season with everything that's gone on."

(on if Marquise Hill's locker is still in tact)
"Yeah. Anything we receive from sponsors like Reebok or anything that gets sent to the team or anything like that, we put it into his locker like he was there. Everybody always pays homage when he walks by his locker."

(on Marquise Hill's sense of humor)
"Marquise always made light of any situation. That's what people loved about him. He could go up and down that locker room and make anybody laugh, no matter what their personality is. He was a very social person."

(on the role of faith in handling Marquise Hill's death)
"I think faith plays a big part. A lot of it is just moving so fast in this occupation, but you lose sight of life in general. It's times like this-cherish each and every moment. It's been great, but it definitely puts everything in perspective."

(on players who have constantly improved)
"I think James Sanders is a guy that sticks out to me that's always working to get better, always asking questions, always doing extra stuff. We have a saying: it's one thing to go through the front door and everybody's seeing you working, every time you come into work and break a sweat, everybody sees you. But, it's another thing when you slide in through the back door, and you're doing stuff when people aren't watching. That's the type of player and person that James Sanders is, and that's the kind of player who gets better every year and wants to get better every year."

(on what drives him to constantly improve)
"I think just keeping everything in perspective and staying humble, and knowing you can get better, never getting too high, never getting too low, and just knowing there's always room for improvement, no matter what. Perfection is something that's so far fetched. It's something you've got to work for but you can't be perfect. You just try to get as close to perfect as possible."

(on the run defense the last time they played the Giants)
"I think there were a lot of miscommunications, front seven-wise and in technique, where it wasn't played at times the way it needed to be played. That led to some of the big plays in that game, as far as the running game is concerned. They got some big runs in the first half, then it slowed down in the second half. We've just got to tighten up our technique. We've come a long way in playing a lot of running teams, like Jacksonville and San Diego."

(on if you can do more in practicing in nice weather)
"I definitely felt like I could run around all day. It was fun and a warm time. Maybe it has something to do with me being a Texas guy, I don't know. But I definitely felt loose. It was a beautiful day, a change of scenery, no snow on the ground. I think it's definitely good for each and every person."

(on if he can get more work in with nicer weather)
"Well, my job is pretty simple. I just put my hand in the dirt. I guess, when you ask that question, I think of guys like (Tom) Brady and throwing the ball and stuff like that. I think things pretty much looked like they were running smoothly today."

(on the sense of pride of being with the Patriots)
"As far as me being able to don a New England Patriots uniform and helmet and be a part of this organization, it builds up to being a wonderful foundation along with Bill (Belichick) and his staff. I thank each and every moment I've been in this uniform. I love the team. I started out on this team, and I want to end my career on this team. It's been a privilege and an honor, and I've been fortunate to be able to be on a team that's been as successful as this team has. We continue to do great things, and I definitely want to be a part of it."

(on how much he keeps in touch with Texas A&M)
"I pay attention to what goes on there. I'm in touch with a lot of the old coaches, like (R.C.) Slocum. I'm aware of a lot of the things going on there. I'm friends with a lot of people down there, and also grew up five minutes away from the university. My ties are deep there."

(on how going there impacted his career)
"I think it impacted me a lot. The Big 12 is pretty much a running conference. People run a lot, other than Texas Tech and Oklahoma, when they got (Josh) Heupel and all those guys and ran the Florida system. It was definitely a running conference, and as far as coming to the New England Patriots, the priority is to stop the run. I think it definitely impacted my career."

(on Kevin Faulk's value to the team)
"I think Faulk is the unheralded hero on this team. I think you look back on this last game, and his play highlighted a lot of the things that he does that are important to this offense's success, things like catches on third down, picking up a blitz. He's definitely overlooked, but that's the kind of player he is, too. He's not looking for any affirmation from anybody. As long as he's doing his job, he's cool with that. That's the special thing about Kevin, and everybody respects him."

(on how to describe Bill Belichick)
"A perfectionist, a realist. He's a guy that believes in 'no stone unturned.' I can give you a long list of things, but those things stick out, that he's a perfectionist and he's a realist, in the sense that he doesn't give any special treatment to any one player, no matter what their so-called status is on this team. He doesn't believe in entitlement or things like that. Everybody gets the same treatment. If you do your job, you get a pat on the back."

(on what Bill Belichick said after the contract extension)
"Well, Bill's not a man of many words. He basically said, 'Congratulations, get back to work.' There wasn't a big celebration with balloons and confetti or anything like that. It was just done and we went on about our business, and now, here we are."

(on if that's how he wanted it to be done)
"Yeah. Even though my occupation kind of highlights things like that at times, I never wanted that to be the main focus of anything, and that's probably why you didn't hear a lot of talk about it during the spring and during training camp."

(on if he noticed any change in Bill Belichick during the season)
"Not really. I think Bill has pretty much been the same, as far as the laughing and joking and things like that. We're winning, so he hasn't really much reason to frown or anything like that. As long as we continue to do that, you'll probably see smiles. But I mentioned before he's a perfectionist, and any little glitch or anything like that which could go wrong, he'll highlight that deal and go over it a thousand times. Things haven't been all the way right this year, but we have been winning."

(on the Patriot way)
"I think it's a lot of veterans that schooled me, and now I'm schooling younger guys. I can't really speak for any other organizations, because I haven't played for any other teams, but when you come in here, the way you work and you prepare on a week-to-week basis, and in the offseason, people look upon that as motivation and as a sign of respect. People respect that in this locker room. If they see you loafing and not doing much, just going along for the ride, then you don't really get that respect, whether you're a young guy, a veteran, anybody. You earn your respect in this organization. It's not just you get this contract and you're the guy, or whatever the case might be. It doesn't work like that. You've got to earn your respect. I think that's something that, through the locker room, is looked upon as a sign of respect."

(on the role of spite in the perfect season)
"I don't think it had much bearing on the season. I think it's something that might have drawn some attention early on in the season. I don't think it helped us get to where we're at right now."

(on if it was discussed earlier and put away)
"All Belichick said was, 'I'll deal with it.' He wanted to continue to focus on football and help the organization focus on that at the time. It's nothing that's talked about now, or even Week 3 or 4 for that matter."

(on if anyone ever got mad about "asterisk" talk)
"Well, I'm not going to sit here and say no one got mad when things like that came up, because we take pride in the work that we do."

(on if constantly beating the top teams in the NFL was a proving point)
"It definitely was something that was good in the past, but I think the challenge that we have coming up this Sunday is a whole different challenge. New York is a team that's playing really well. They played very well in the course of the playoffs. Even during the season, they played well. You can never overlook those guys because of the success we had in the past."

(on if he ever thought the perfect record was in jeopardy)
"The one real scare where I thought it might have been over was Baltimore. Those couple of penalties that happened, I was like, 'Here we go again.' I felt like we had a chance after those penalties. With those penalties, they let us back in the game. It gave you a chance to go down and do what we did."

(on if he was relieved to see Tom Brady back on the practice field)
"Of course it's good to have Tom back there. He's a professional. He keeps it light. He always comes out and brings his A-game on the table."

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