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Vince Wilfork Postgame Presser Transcript - 9/18/2011

Vince Wilfork addresses the media in his postgame press conference following a big Week 2 win on Sunday, September 18, 2011.

Q: We have to start with the interception. Did you think you had a chance to score?  

VW: Yes, I did. Anytime you get your hands on the ball you always think about scoring as a defensive player, because a lot of the times you don't get a chance to touch the ball. That's my first interception of my career. I was joking a couple weeks ago with Pep [Pepper Johnson] and I said, 'I might end my career without an interception.' I forget who I was talking to when I asked another teammate of mine if they had one. They said 'Never did.' So you never know. It's just one of those things. We play a lot of situational football around here, and in that situation with two minutes, we kind of know what they were trying to do. I wasn't saying I was right, but I saw the running back take out, so I was thinking screen from the look I got from my guard and anticipating it could be a screen. I actually got in his throwing range, so I made a play and Bill always says if you take a chance you better make it. I guess I made it tonight.  

Q: Did you need oxygen?  

VW: No. I am a well-conditioned athlete [laughing]. I didn't need any oxygen. I was good to go.  

Q: You deflected it first right?  

VW: Yes. I actually tipped it to myself and caught it. I am just happy I caught it, because if I didn't catch it I am pretty sure my teammates would have let me have it. We talk a lot around here about who is better, defensive or offense, who can play what position, I'm pretty sure they would have let me have it if I were to have dropped that ball. Now I can talk smack to them.  

Q: Can you also appreciate what it took to get points on the board with only nine seconds after that?  

VW: Of course. Tonight we played a great football game, with our offensive, defense and special teams. We played a very good football team, the San Diego Chargers. Let's set the record straight from the get go. They are one of the teams that will be in it in the end. They have a well-oiled bunch, an all around good football team. You can't take any credit from them. A lot of people may say we gave up this many points, we gave up this many yards, but that's a good football team we played, and we beat them today. You have to tip your hats to those guys. It was just that today was our day. It took a lot, every phase of the game. It wasn't just offense, it wasn't just defense, it wasn't just special teams. Going into a game, we talk about the three phases of the game actually coming together and winning the ball game, playing well. You saw it tonight. I'm not saying everything was perfect, but you got a good shot of a good team win tonight. My hat goes out to my teammates.  

Q: Talking about using Solder at the tight end spot, and it makes sense, he's a good athlete. Could you do that?  

VW: You talk to Bill about that. Like I said, we always talk smack about who is the better athlete, defense, offense, you name it. We always do that. I think I put defense ahead of offensive right now. I think offensive was ahead because of Troy Brown playing some defense, and actually coming out with some picks. But I think I pushed us back ahead when it comes down to that. We have athletes on defense also.  

Q: When you talk about this interception as your first one, do you mean all the way back through high school?  

VW: In high school I had one. I actually intercepted a screen play in high school. I jumped up and the ball was getting lobbed on my head, and I actually picked it, didn't score, but the quarterback caught me. He was already in front of me. No one caught me from behind.  

Q: Is this [an interception] something that even crosses your mind, or something you practice for?  

VW: It's funny, because we have certain drills that we do on defense. There's [drills for] interceptions, turnovers, fumble recoveries, and we haven't done it this year, but any chance we get as a defensive line to do our drills, we line up something called 'Deion.' We have a receiver play DB, you run a route and you cover. That's one of the things we do just to have fun. Everyone thinks they are Deion or Jerry Rice. You have 300 guys running routes, some look terrible, some look pretty decent, stuff like that. We actually do it, more joking. But at the same time we are very competitive, so we get something out of it and it showed up today.  

Q: How big was that goal line stand for you guys?  

VW: It was huge. A goal line stand, I mean, fourth down and basically everyone is on their toes. There was a situation that we talked about as a defense that may happen, knowing that they are coming in with a different kicker, that there may be problems in that area. So we always thought that could come up at some point in the game, a full-down territory for them. I didn't know it was going to happen that early, but you know, everyone was alert on that play. Jerod made a hell of a play. That's why he is one of the top linebackers in the game. He showed it tonight. That play he made tonight was good, good tackle, everybody was playing their assignment, and he was free to run to the ball. Anytime you can get a goal-line stand, is big for a defense. You always talk about winning in the red area, and there's no bigger win down there, I can't get any bigger than that.  

Q: Can you punt?  

VW: Did you see my resume? Of course I can punt.  

Q: Now when you do that drill, are you better as a defensive back or a receiver?  

VW: [laughing] It doesn't matter, I'm a cover-two guy, I like to play up, I like to get my hands on the receiver. I'm physical at the line of scrimmage. I can't play off, I have to be up in someone's face, actually hitting them in the check, stuff like that. That's where I make my living.  

Q: Speed-wise, you versus Gronkowski?  

VW: Oh no, Gronk's got me. I give credit where credit is due. Gronk can run, but [laughing] Tom [Brady], I've got him. I told you guys that a long time ago. Tom is not a question.

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