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Watch the final episode of 'Tom vs. Time'

Check out "The End Game," the final episode of "Tom vs. Time."

The Patriots offseason has been one of reflection and moving forward, and the same goes for the final episode of "Tom vs. Time." 

Tom Brady released the last installment of his docu-series on Thursday, and it goes behind-the-scenes of the Patriots playoff run. It covered everything, includings the Titans game, the infamous hand injury, the epic AFC Championship win and the crushing defeat in Super Bowl LII. 

"You play the game to be in those moments. You play those games to have the chance to win the Super Bowl, and when you don't come through, it's very painful," Tom said. 

One of the episode's highlights is a moment on the car ride home from the AFC Championship. Gronk, who suffered a concussion in the game, called Tom to celebrate the win. 

"Young man, you're an animal dude," Gronk said. "No, you're a [expletive] animal," Tom said. "That was a miracle, us winning without you out there, just so you know it."

"How does Danny [Amendola] get so good during the playoffs," Gronk said, and Tom laughed. 

Beyond the game, the episode focused on family and their support through a difficult time. But in the final moments of the episode, Tom affirmed his dedication to spending time with Gisele and his kids. 

"This offseason is going to be about my family. They deserve it. There's more to think about to than just me, Tom said. "I think that's what you commit to when you have a family. They commit a lot to me. Obviously goes both ways." 

Check out the whole episode in the video below.

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