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Welker: 'It is just business'

In a Wednesday morning radio appearance on ESPN, former Patriots receiver Wes Welker said his contract negotiations in New England and eventual departure never got personal.


A day after the man who replaced him on the Patriots depth chart was photographed working out with **Tom Brady**, New England's former top pass catcher Wes Welker discussed his departure from Foxborough on an appearance on ESPN radio.

Welker, who appeared on the Mike & Mike show to promote “The Great American Try-On” for Depend, was asked almost right off the bat if his long contract negotiations ended up getting personal with the Patriots.

"No, I don't think so. I think a lot of it is just business," Welker said. "It's kind of the unfortunate part of the business, but it is what it is. You try to find what works for you, as far as financially and as a player and everything else. I think at the end of the day, fortunately or unfortunately, it kind of just worked out the way it did."

Welker, who admitted it "sounds a little different" to be introduced as a Broncos wide receiver, also said that despite the fact that he never ended up with a big-money contract – either in New England or elsewhere – that he still felt he was appreciated for his work with the Patriots.

"Absolutely," Welker said. "I think everything worked out really well for everybody. It was a good run and I look forward to keeping that run going in Denver."

Welker said that while he's had dinner with Peyton Manning in Miami, he won't start working out with his newest Hall of Fame passer until next week.

As for his former Hall of Fame passer, Welker revealed he has had contact with Brady.

"Tom is one of my good friends," Welker said. "We stay in contact often."

Despite the fact that it's just a part of the business of the NFL, will Welker have a chip on his shoulder this fall trying to prove something to the Patriots or the rest of the league?

"I feel like I've been doing that my whole career. So I don't see that changing," Welker concluded.

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