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Wes Welker Conference Call Transcript

Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker addresses the New York media during his conference call on Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

Q:How do you feel about going up against Corey Webster?

A:They have a good defensive backfield. Webster is very long and aggressive. He does a good job of getting his hands on you. He also has good speed and different things like that. He has definitely become a great corner in this league.

Q:Do you expect to see him on you most of the day?

A:I am not sure, we will see how the game plays out. I am pretty sure they will do everything and especially him. I am going to make sure I am ready for whomever they put across from me and go out and try to win on every single route.

Q:Have you ever had somebody follow you all game long like Ike Taylor did?

A:Not too often, Revis with the Jets has done it a few times. For the most part, no, I hadn't had anything like that.

Q:Were you frustrated against the Steelers?

A:I think we were frustrated on offense overall. We weren't moving the ball the way we wanted to and doing the things we wanted to. To have a game like that is definitely frustrating. It is something that we have to learn from and understand that we have to come out and play much better. We have to do the things we need to do to be successful on the field.

Q:Why has Gillette Stadium been such a tough place to play?

A:I think our fans do a great job of bringing us excitement. I think being at your home stadium and that is the place you are at every single game, you have the familiarity and that is definitely an advantage.

Q:Why haven't you all lost two games in a row?

A:I think coach Belichick has done a great job, especially after a loss, bringing everybody together and making sure we understand what we need to do and learning from our mistakes in the previous game. We know what we need to do and hopefully that continues on this Sunday.

Q:What can you take advantage of against Webster?

A:I think it is a better matchup for him because he is a bigger, taller, longer stride guy himself. I think there are definitely some things that I can take advantage of using my quickness and different things like that. We will see how the game goes, how the game is played and how he is playing me or whoever is out there on me. We will see how it goes and go from there.

Q:Do you think they will put somebody else on you?

A:There is a possibility because they can do multiple things. They could put Aaron Ross in there because he is a quicker type of guy. That is a possibility and they have had Rolle in there as well and he is a physical type of guy. You just don't know. You have to be ready for everything and go out there mentally prepared and play your game.

Q:Why are you so hard to cover?

A:I think a lot of it is hard work, understanding defenses and understanding what a defender is trying to do to me. I just want to study up on them and give myself the best opportunity possible to be successful.

Q:How difficult do you think you are to cover?

A:I think when I am on top of my game, I feel like I am pretty tough to cover. I feel like when I am in that flow, it is pretty tough.

Q:How about the relationship with Tom Brady?

A:I think it is just working with each other as much as we have and understanding what each other wants against every type of coverage. It is about being decisive and getting open for him and knowing that he is going to put the ball on the money every single time. It is always great to have him back there and I understand that I need to get open every play so I can give him an option.

Q:Do you think Eli is in the same category as Tom?

A:I am definitely a little biased to Tom and seeing how hard he works. I think Eli is proving himself this year. He only has five interceptions this year and he has really played really well for their team. He is backing it up from what I can tell.

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