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Wes Welker Conference Call Transcript

Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker addresses the Houston media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 5, 2012.

(on the Texans' injuries on defense)
"I think they still have experienced guys back there that have been in the system and really know what to do and how they want to play. They still have a great defense even with the injuries and everything else, obviously their defensive line does a great job getting pressure on the quarterback and really being disruptive and doing a lot of great things. They still have a really great defense and we got to go out there and really execute well and make sure we're on top of everything and what we're doing this game."

(on if they look at this game as their one shot to get home field advantage in the playoffs)
"I think we have three losses on the year so every week we got to make sure that we're coming out and playing really well and really putting it out there on the line for ourselves and trying to help our chances in the AFC. We got to do it one week at a time."

(on how he's grown as a player during his time with the Patriots)
"You know what I think a lot of it is just really getting smarter, smarter on how to run routes, how to go against defenses and how to attack them and understanding coverages and really being able to do all those things and get on the same page with (QB) Tom (Brady) and all those things and really just try to develop it and stay on it and keep on improving."

(on the biggest thing that jumps out at him when he watches the Texans on film)
"I think that the kind of pressure that they get especially those defensive tackles. The way they really get after the quarterback. They're very disruptive and cause a lot of negative plays and really do a great job. We got to make sure that we're staying on top of those guys. They get a bunch of tipped balls and all those different things. They're a tough defense to really be able to do a lot of things against. They're first and third down defense and red area and they do all those things really well. You can't be soft against these guys."

(on QB Tom Brady's season)
"He's playing great as always. We need him to. He's our leader. He's our guy back there and we got to do a good job protecting him. We got to do a good job as receivers getting open for him and doing all the things necessary to let him do what he does and find the open guy and beating whatever coverage we get and take advantage of it."

(on why the Patriots don't turn over the ball a lot)
"I think it's something we emphasize a lot. (QB) Tom (Brady) obviously makes really good decisions with the ball and everybody really executing the way we need to execute and being on the same page and doing what we need to do. It all comes together and all 11 guys work together in the same fashion and making sure that we're taking care of the football. We're all responsible for that."

(on if making good decisions and not turning the ball over is one of QB Tom Brady's biggest strengths)
"Yeah, I think so. He doesn't turn the ball over much. He doesn't really put the ball in places where the defender really has a chance to make a play. He's very accurate and does a great job of putting the ball on the money. We just got to go out there and make plays for him."

(on if there is a difference in mentalities for a player you on a team that is sneaking up on people opposed to being on a team that has a bulls eye on its back)
"I don't know. I think all games are tough in the NFL. Different games are just played differently. I can't say it's one way or the other. They're all tough in this league."

(on the difference in him when he's going into a game where his team is a heavy favorite)
"There is no difference for me. They're all tough. Every game is the NFL no matter if you're a 14-point favorite or underdogs 14. You play it the same and you go out there and play the game the way you need to play it to try and win."

(on if he thinks the Patriots is a team that is able to handle the high expectations)
"I don't know. I can't say I really speak for any other teams out there. I don't know. I just know that we go out there and execute the way we need to try and win the game."

(on weighted expectations not affecting the Patriots because they're used to it)
"Maybe. I don't know. I've been here for so long. It's kind of been the same so maybe that is the case. We just try to prepare the same way no matter who we're playing or anybody else. We just try to stick to the game plan and make sure that we're going out there and executing it the way we need to."

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