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Wes Welker Conference Call Transcript

New England Patriots WR Wes Welker addresses the Jacksonville media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 19, 2012.

Jamie Collins
Jamie Collins

(on how bizarre last Sunday's game against the 49ers was to him) "It was definitely pretty bizarre. It's just one of those games that kind of didn't go our way, went our way and then didn't. We've just got to move on and get ready for Jacksonville and look forward to the next week."

(on how he feels about his performance this season) "Remains to be seen. We still have two games left in the regular season and playoffs. Right now Jacksonville is the next game. Just got to focus on that and get ready for them."

(on what the Jaguars defense does and if he thinks he'll have a big day against Jacksonville) "We'll see. They have an active front and a lot of guys who get pressure on the quarterback and do a lot of good things out there. The defensive backfield is playing better and the guys are still playing hard and waiting to finish the season out right. You can tell on film. So you've just got to go out there and make sure you're playing the way you need to and hopefully come away with the win."

(on Tom Brady) "Yeah. He brings it every day and wants to go out there and compete and do what he needs to do to get ready for each and every game and play the way he needs to for us to win. And that's what you love to see from a quarterback."

(on how much pride he takes from knowing younger slot receivers try to model their game after him) "It's good to see. It's what I did when I was younger. I looked at other guys like Tim Dwight and Wayne Chrebet and seen film of Jerry Rice and different guys like that. You want to learn from other guys, and so it's great to see and good to see that guys want to get better."

(on if he's disappointed that he hasn't won a Super Bowl since becoming a Patriot) "Sure it's disappointing, but it's always looking forward and looking ahead and you can't get caught up in the past. You've just got to continue to move forward and look for the next chance, the next opportunity."

(on if there's a common reason as to why the Patriots have fallen short of winning a Super Bowl) "No. We get an opportunity every year. Right now we're in a good position, and hopefully we're able to push through to the end of the year here."

(on if he thinks about last year's Super Bowl much) "No, that's in the past. We're always moving forward here."

(on if he dwells on any plays from last year's Super Bowl) "I've moved on from all plays in the past. I'm just looking forward to the game this weekend."

(on if he's looking forward to free agency) "I'm still just focused on this year and what I need to do to help this team get better."

(on if he was surprised the Patriots didn't give him a new deal) "No. I'm not worried about that at all. I did get a new deal. I'm here with the team this year and looking forward to finishing it out."

(on if the Patriots can place the franchise tag on him again next year) "Yeah they can."

(on if he's hoping the Patriots don't place the franchise tag on him) "I'm not worried about that. I'm just focused on the game and what I have to do to help the team win."

(on Daryl Smith) "I think he brings a great mentality to the game. He's a good football player and brings a lot of aggressiveness and physicality and definitely a guy we have to account for."

(on what he thinks about the Jaguars defense overall performance this year) "I think they play hard. They play aggressive and they do some good things out there and it's definitely going to be a challenge for us and we've got to go out there and play the way we need to."

(on what it was like playing for Mike Mularkey in Miami) "He's a great coach and he did a great job of game planning and did some great things when we were in Miami. I really liked his scheme and the stuff that he did, and I think they're showing what he's kind of doing there in Jacksonville."

(on if he thought the Patriots could come back when they were down 31-3 to the 49ers last week) "Well that's your mindset. You try to. Just keep fighting and keep playing hard and you never know what's going to happen."

(on if he liked Bill Belichick's decision to go for it on fourth-and-one late in last week's game) "Yeah absolutely, absolutely. You love that aggressiveness and everything like that and you never want to lose that."

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