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Wes Welker Interview Transcript - 7/26/2012

New England Patriots WR Wes Welker addresses the media following Training Camp practice at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, July 26, 2012.


(Transcript is truncated – end of interview is inaudible due to wind)

Q: How does it feel to be back?

WW: It's good to be back. It seems like just yesterday we were still playing and we're already back. It's kind of crazy, you're kind of thinking, 'I can't believe we're already back,' but we're out here and you're going against the defense and it's just exciting. It's fun to be out here with your teammates and getting better and getting ready for the new season. We all have high expectations and we're looking forward to trying to get better and trying to work as a team and put a good product out there on the field.

Q: You wanted a long-term deal and didn't get it. How do you approach this season?

WW: I approach it like any other year: go out there and try and help my team win games. That's the bottom line for me and that's what my focus is – whatever my role is, going out there and really just trying to help the team win.

Q: Do you feel like this is another year where you have to prove that you deserve a long term contract?

WW: You have to prove it every year. There's no year where you don't need to prove it. It's like any other year. The contract and everything else is out of my mind and it's really just going out there and focusing on playing good ball.

Q: You had said you signed the franchise as a good will gesture on your part that you hoped would be reciprocated, but it was not. Does that disappoint you?

WW: Not at all. Everyone tried. I tried, they tried and it just didn't work out and now it's in the past and we're on to this season, which we expect to be a good one. We're working towards it and working hard to have a great season this year.

Q: What are your early indications on this team after the last few months?

WW: It's too early to tell anything. We still have a long ways to go. We've done some good things, but there are a lot of things we've got to work on and improve on and do a lot better and we're going to continue to do that.

Q: Is it exciting to see all the weapons they have added this year, especially at wide receiver with familiar faces and a guy like Brandon Lloyd who has had some success in this system. Does that get you amped up?

WW: Absolutely. We have a lot of good players on our team and everybody [is] really working together and understanding that we all work off each other. And the more guys we have out there doing the right thing, the better off we're going to be as an offense, so it's exciting to see. We still have a lot of work ahead of us and we look forward to it.

Q: What are you most proud of accomplishing in your time here so far?

WW: You know, I don't know. I don't like to look back too much. I'm trying to look forward and I think that I have so much more that I can prove and conquer out there and I plan on working hard and doing what it takes to go out there and do it.

Q: Consistency, maybe?

WW: Yeah. I'm sure it's probably one of them. To be consistent, I've got to stay consistent, so I have to keep on playing.

Q: What is it like to have Josh McDaniels back on the field?

WW: It's great. He's really evolved this offense and done such a great job with it. He's always coming up with new ideas and always listening to you on new ideas you have and really going over them. It's great to have him back and really working with him and putting everything together and us getting better out there.

Q: Is it like picking up just where you left off a couple years ago?

WW: Yeah and even adding a few things and bringing some the wrinkles that he used in Denver and St. Louis and bringing it over here to try to help us out to win some games.

Q: Is there any concern about having a good year and ending up franchised again and going through the same thing again next year?

WW: Not at all. Not at all, no. It's a great situation. I'm not too worried about that.

Q: You said everybody tried. Do you remember a point where you thought it was going to happen or you thought it was close?

WW: Sure, but I think that's [what it's like] with everything. You always kind of think it's going to happen and then, I don't know, I think you just get excited. But at the same time, you're very fortunate with the position you're in and I look forward to really playing out this year and playing some of the best ball I can play.

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