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Wes Welker Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Read what New England Patriots WR Wes Welker had to say as he addressed the media during his postgame press conference on Sunday, October 9, 2011

Q: Can you talk about going deep and how you beat those guys in the secondary?  

WW: It was just one of those plays where the safety was a little over-aggressive. We run a similar type play and ran the ball and so I kind of got a feel for what that safety was doing. I went down and then kind of acted like I was going to block him and then took off on it. Tom [Brady] made a good throw. Hopefully next time I can just finish that out.  

Q: As a guy who has made his money underneath and over the middle, are you starting to like going over the top?  

WW: Yeah, I love it. Anytime you can get the ball deep and make some big plays like that, it's huge for our offense. The more you can do out there, the better off we're going to be. Just continue to try and make plays every time I get a chance.  

Q: How similar were they to what they did last January?  

WW: They were somewhat similar. I think there was a lot more man this time around. They still did some different type things and kind of mixed it up on who was over me and different things like that. I think it was more situational when they brought somebody down on me or different things like that.  

Q: You still had five catches for 125 yards. How much of a factor was Darrelle Revis covering you one-on-one?  

WW: He's always a factor. He's a great player. You definitely have to make sure you're very crisp with all your routes and really set up him up with stuff and be smart about it. Every play is go-time when he's across from you. He does a great job with all that. It's a little game of cat and mouse sometimes with him. You just have to keep on plugging away and hopefully get some big plays every once in awhile.  

Q: With the productivity of the running game, how much does that open up things for you guys in the passing game?  

WW: Anytime you can run the ball, it's going to set up some play-action type deals and things like that, which is what happened that first play in the second half. Anytime you run the ball and vice versa, being able to throw it and that's going to help out the run game. Both those have to be on the same page and make sure that we're doing everything necessary to try to move the ball – whether run or pass.  

Q: Can you talk about the week of practice leading up to this game? Coach Belichick said it was probably the best week of practice this year.  

WW: Guys came in very focused, understanding that this was a big game for us and it can really get us a jumpstart in the division. I think the guys did a great job of really understanding our game plan and really moving the ball down the field. It all starts in practice. Whenever we do it there, it always carries over.  

Q: How much did it benefit you and the offense to get Aaron Hernandez back?  

WW: Aaron is such a great player, anytime you can get more weapons out there on the field and more places that we can go with the ball, it's always going to help us out. It's always great to get those weapons out there.

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