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Wes Welker Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, September 16, 2012.


Q: It seemed so disjointed for a while but you found a rhythm at the end of the game. Do you have any idea why?

WW: We just didn't come out firing. We didn't have a great week of practice and Coach made a point of that, that we needed to almost play some catch up. We really didn't do things necessary to come away with a win, especially early. We have to start faster than that and come out and play from ahead and do things the way we need to.

Q: Did it seem like the week of practice just lagged right into it? What did you see in practice?

WW: Just a lot of mental errors and things like that, guys not doing their assignments and not doing their job. We talked about the different things that they did defensively and the type of players they have, the people we had to control, and we just didn't do a good job of that.

Q: You finally broke Troy Brown's franchise receptions record. Does it lose a little sweetness because of how the game ended?

WW: Yeah, of course. You want to win the game. It is what it is.

Q: Does the game plan get altered drastically when you lose a player like Aaron Hernandez?

WW: Yeah, absolutely. Aaron is in there almost every play, so it changes quite a bit. You have to go to a different attack and go out there and play the way we need to and execute the way we need to and today just wasn't enough.

Q: Did you know you weren't going to be quite as involved in the game plan in the first half as in the second half?

WW: I never know. I always just prepare myself to be ready and when my number is called, I just try to go out there and make plays whenever I get an opportunity.

Q: Is that at all surprising to you to not be involved?

WW: You know, you want to be out there, I think as a competitor and everything else, especially on Sundays, it's what we play for and what we work for and you want to be out there. At the same time, Coach felt like whatever was best for the team and I'm for that and I totally understand that and I'm just there to help out however I can.

Q: Are there any injury reasons why your playing time would be cut?

WW: No. No, I feel great.

Q: How much of a loss would it be to be without Aaron Hernandez for a long period of time?

WW: He's a great player. He makes so many plays for us and he's really come into this training camp and really done really well. He's a really tough guy to match up against and I think everybody across the board has got to pick up the slack and make some plays out there in his place.

Q: Did Tom seem to be in a better rhythm toward the end of the game? What was different?

WW: I think our no-huddle. We work on that a lot, we practice it and it was effective for us, especially late in the game. It was crunch time and we were able to make some plays and get down the field and score. We just have to finish a lot of those drives on touchdowns instead of field goals.

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