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Wes Welker Press Conference - 12/11/2008

New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker addresses the media during his press conference on Thursday, December 11, 2008.

Q:What are your thoughts on being out here and getting ready for another big game?

WW:It has been nice. A little cool for California, but it's been nice. A lot better weather than what we have been use to the past couple of weeks. We are just trying to get our work done and make sure we are ready to go on Sunday.

Q:Three games to go and three teams tied in the AFC East, how do you look at these as you come down the stretch?

WW:You just try to control what you can control and just going out there, playing well and try to win games. That's what it comes down to. We have to make sure we are preparing and are ready for Sunday.

Q:Is tn nice to have Matt Cassel back with the team?

WW:Absolutely. Obviously, with him being our quarterback now and the circumstances that he's had to face... let him take care of his business. It is good to see him back out here.

Q:How much do you feel for him at this time?

WW:It is tough. It is never an easy deal. You just hope the best for him and his family and support him in any way you can.

Q:Where there any words of support that you were able to express to him today?

WW:I really haven't gotten to talk to him yet. I sent a text to him and said I was here for him for whatever he needs.

Q:Sometimes do you think the best thing is to be with your teammates, it is like you are with your own family almost?

WW:Yeah. Being able to get away and make sure you focus on something else away from that. He has to do what he has to do to make sure he is prepared and ready.

Q:What about the Raiders defense and the challenges they present for you this week?

WW:There are a lot of athletes over there. They run with the football real well. They are fast [and] real physical. We are going to have our hands full with everything they present for us.

Q:On going up against Nnamdi Asomugha...

WW:You are always looking for challenges out there and he's it. You have to make sure you are ready and doing the best you can against a cornerback of that caliber.

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