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What they're saying: Houston Texans

Houston Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak and several Texans players discussed their upcoming game against the Patriots. Here are the highlights of what they had to say.


On what makes Tom Brady different from other quarterbacks...
"Leadership. I've played against him so many times. Of course, in Denver, I was in some huge games against him in the playoffs and various times. But just leadership. You watch him just handle the group. You go back this year and you look earlier this season, some of the young guys he's playing with and having to control the ship until he got some of his other guys back. That just tells you how strong he is and in total control of what's going on at all times. When you sit there and do it for, it's got to be about 14, somewhere in there, 13-14 (years), that's what's the Hall of Fame's all about, when guys do that week-in and week-out for that long, and he's done it."
- Head Coach Gary Kubiak

On Tom Brady...
"The list is pretty long there. Obviously, what he's been able to do. I respect Tom, just how competitive he is and you can see all over his face. You can see it in his teammates and how he interacts with those guys. I think that alone, just being the fierce competitor that he is, I enjoy watching that and watching him do what he does."
- Quarterback Case Keenum

On what a victory against the Patriots would do for this team...
"I talked to the team about that this morning. Obviously, we've been struggling and it's been very difficult. We've got to work our way out of this thing. There would be nothing better than for us to play our best this weekend and we're going to have to, in all honesty. Our guys understand that. We're back to work today. We've got some big challenges to prepare for. We've got some distractions in Thanksgiving and those types of things. Trying to push through and getting ready to play these guys makes it pretty tough."
- Head Coach Gary Kubiak

"It would get everybody out of this funk. It would just lighten the mood up around here. I think it's going to make everything just so great, but I think it would change the mood a little bit because we haven't a game in so long. Sometimes a win can cure a lot of things. I think it would be big if we were able to do that."
- Wide Receiver Andre Johnson

On if the Patriots defense doesn't get enough credit...
"There's no doubt about that. I think that they've, like last year, I want to say defensively, they were ranked defensively somewhere after 15, in there, but I think they were the best team in the red zone all year long last year. If not, they were top. They don't give up points. They just, they make a lot of big plays on the ball. They're very aggressive defensively. They'll take some chances. Losing the big guy inside, they've hung in there and they've got some young guys playing extremely well. But I think, defensively, for me as a coach and coordinator for years, as tough a team to prepare your guys to play as there is."
- Head Coach Gary Kubiak

On the Patriots defense...
"I think they're a very good defense. I think they play very well as a group. It'll be very challenging for us. They rush the quarterback, have a great cornerback in (Aqib) Talib, who will probably be following me around. I know when we played them last time, he did. Like I said, it'll be a challenge, but, at the same time, you see teams go out and make plays on them if you go out and do what you're supposed to do. That's just the big thing, if we go out and do what we're supposed to do, then we should be able to hit our plays."
- Wide Receiver Andre Johnson

On how much the defense is drawing on the past two times that they played the Patriots for this game...
"A lot. There's a lot to look back at and learn from. They didn't do much of anything different than they did to us last year, done to any of the other teams. They're very successful because they're very consistent and they execute very well. If we want to win, on defense, we've got to be very competitive. We've got to come up with some big plays."
- Outside Linebacker Brooks Reed

On how to stop the Patriots fast-paced offense...
"Know your plan and be prepared. You have to know exactly what you're supposed to do and how you're supposed to execute it. Obviously, that's something that we're ready for. And we're practicing and making sure that everybody knows exactly where they're supposed to be and how they're supposed to play."
- Defensive End J.J. Watt

On game planning for a team like New England...
"Obviously working against their offense, there are just so many things that they are good at. I mean, they throw the ball as well as anybody in the game. They can line up and run it extremely well too. As they work through some guys being out, it was impressive to watch them work through that. Defensively, Bill [Belichick] and their scheme has always been very difficult to prepare for. I know in all my years in Denver with Mike [Shanahan], I mean 3-4, 4-3, and all those things. One week to prepare for that group is very tough because the coaches do such a great job of coaching and getting so many things done. I mean, like I said, you guys know how impressed I am with their organization and what they have been able to accomplish and continue to accomplish. "
- Head Coach Gary Kubiak

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