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What we learned from Kendrick Bourne's Reddit AMA

The Patriots receiver spent his Tuesday answering all kinds of questions on Reddit. Here's what we learned. 

kendrick ama

It didn't take Kendrick Bourne long in a Patriots uniform to be fully embraced by New England. With his infectious and upbeat personality, teammate David Andrews lovingly nicknamed him "The Energizer Bunny."

This week, Bourne took to Reddit to help Patriots fans get to know him even better as he answered all of their burning questions. Bourne spent about 30 minutes responding to all kinds of questions.

Here are just some of the highlights.

How he maintains that "Energizer Bunny" attitude
"I try not to get too ahead of myself. Always thinking about the future. Always having a vision, but living in the moment. Taking advantage of my days so the more positive I can be in each day, then the brighter I make my future. That's kind of my mindset. That's how I keep a smile on my face."

His favorite nickname on the Patriots
"David Andrews. We call him 'Big Bear.' He's our center man. He's our guy."

His favorite part about being a Patriot
"How hard we work. You know, the challenge. That's my favorite part. I'm challenged every day. I'm able to grow ... there's no ceiling."

His funniest teammate
"I would say Dont'a Hightower. He is funny in his own way. He just goofs around a lot. He seems like a serious dude, but you get to know him, he's a chill, funny dude ... It's probably a shocker for a lot of people."

Meaning behind No. 84
"It's my birthday ... I wore No. 10 when I first got into the league, but Jimmy Garoppolo came over [to San Francisco] and took my number, so then I went to 84. The rest is history."

Significance of his tribal tattoos
"They just represent my culture, showing my people, my nationality, through tattoos. Once somebody sees that child [tattoo], they might get a clue that he might be Polynesian or whatever it may be. So just represent my culture .... my family and my people."

What it feels like to catch a touchdown
"It's special. It's hard to do. It's very hard to do. It takes a lot of technique, practice and stuff like that to make it all work. It takes a team. Everybody things it's just one player, receiver, scoring a touchdown. It literally takes everybody. That's how it is. You got to cherish them once you get them and try to get as many as you can."

You can listen to Bourne's full AMA on Reddit here. Just skip to about 48:20 for the start of the recording.

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