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Willie McGinest Media Day Transcript

DE WILLIE McGINEST(On what type of game it will be)“It will be a physical game. Definitely.


(On what type of game it will be)
"It will be a physical game. Definitely. I think our style of football is appreciated. Our system and our coaches have been a part of a lot of Super Bowls. It's been a successful system. You've got the West Coast system that has won Super Bowls before, and ours has also proven to win too."

(on the advantages of having played in a Super Bowl before)
"As far as going out and saying that we're going to beat Carolina because we have more experience, (it) doesn't mean anything. I think the better team that's better prepared, that works the hardest, that plays the best and executes the best is the one that's going to win the game. But as far as learning how to deal with the week and what goes on within the week it helps me out having been here before."

(on how it will be nice to finally play the game)
"It's a great time for us. That's the build up - dealing with the media, the extracurricular things that are going on, it's all a build up for the big game. When the game comes, though, you don't even think about it."

(on when he got focused on the game)
"I got focused right after the Indianapolis game. We're not going to get caught up in partying and running around and celebrating. We haven't accomplished anything yet. None that we've set out -- none of our goals yet. The biggest goal is yet to come."

(on having played in this building before)
"It doesn't mean anything. It's been a while since we've been here, so it's not going to matter."

(on how Coach Bill Belichick finds ways to win games)
"You have to have good athletes. You have to credit them for bringing the right players in. We have a good system, but you also have to have the athletes to be able to perform. You can have the best system in place, but if you have guys who can't think, that can't be versatile and do a lot of different things, it doesn't really matter."

(on the Carolina offense)
"They're a big play offense. But first and foremost, their running game stands out the most about them. They run the ball really well. When Stephen Davis or DeShaun Foster have their way, the team will be successful. It makes it easier for them. It lets their quarterback open it up and go downfield and do a lot of different things. They run the ball so well out of a lot of different formations with a lot of different plays coming out of those formations. They give you a lot of different looks, trying to confuse you. But the number one thing is their run game."

(on their winning streak)
"We don't even recognize the streak. It's not something we recognize or worry about. What does this thing mean if you lose the big game? Who cares about a streak if you come out here and lose? We're not downplaying our accomplishments, but our goal is bigger than just a streak."

(on how this team compares to some of the great teams in NFL history)
"Let's win this game first before we start doing all of the comparisons. That's all that matters to us at this point."

(on how this team compares to the Patriots team two years ago)
"The only thing that is probably still the same is that we're both in the Super Bowl. It's a lot of the same guys on the team, we play in the same fashion - our type of play is physical. So many of the things we do are sort of the same. But it's different guys in different positions. It's mainly the same staff but I don't want to go back to two years ago because that's kind of irrelevant to what's going on now."

(on the Carolina running game)
"Davis is more of a downhill guy, more North – South. I think Foster can run the ball downhill but has the ability and the quickness to bounce outside and take the edge a little bit more. Both of them are hard guys to bring down. They both break a lot of tackles. They both are doing a great job. Either one you put in there, they both are running the ball really well. If you watched the games, a lot of yards by Foster were taken away by penalties. He's breaking through the line, he's breaking tackles, he's running hard, not running out of bounds, staying in and trying to get every yard he can. They punish defenders."

(on his impressions of Panthers QB Jake Delhomme)
"I think they have a good system for him. I think they protect him well. They keep a lot of guys in with a lot of protection. They put him in situations where he's not going to make a lot of mistakes. He's had over six or seven comebacks this year so he plays with a lot of poise. He definitely has a lot of confidence in his ability and what he can do. It's been proven from his comebacks. In one game they were 17 points down and he bought the team back to win the game. He has a lot of confidence. He has a lot of ability and he's playing great within their season."

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