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About the Program

The NFL Grassroots Field Grant Program provides non-profit, neighborhood-based organizations and high schools with financial and technical assistance to improve the quality, safety and accessibility of football fields in underserved areas of NFL markets. A partnership between the YFF and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), the program makes available matching grants up to $200,000 for capital improvement projects including field surface grants and general field support.

Who Can Apply

To be eligible for the NFL Grassroots Program, organizations applying for grant funds must meet all of the criteria listed below:

  • Be a community-based organization, middle school

Please note: (1) Schools must demonstrate the ability of the community to also utilize the field. (2) Universities and college campuses are not eligible to apply for NFL Grassroots grants and will not be considered for funding.

  • Have at least one full-time staff person (all-volunteer organizations will not be considered)
  • Be in existence for at least three years
  • Have a proven track record in real estate development and/or parks programming
  • 501(c)(3) tax exempt status/school status
  • Be located in an NFL Target Market (Please see the list of Target Markets in Attachment A).

Award Amount

  • There are two levels of funding available: 1) general field support (e.g. irrigation, bleachers, lights, etc.) and, 2) field surface grants.

General Field Support

  • Applicants may submit requests of up to $50,000 for capital projects not associated with the actual field surface. This support includes the installation/refurbishment of bleachers, concession stands, lights, irrigation systems, etc.

Field Surface Grants

  • Matching grants of up to $200,000 are available to help finance the resurfacing of a community, middle school or high school football field. Matching grants of up to $200,000 will be available to applicants seeking to install new synthetic sports turf surfaces. The ability of these new surfaces to withstand constant use and require little ongoing maintenance costs makes this an attractive option for communities, schools and youth groups to consider. 
  • A smaller number of matching grants of up to $100,000 will be available to help finance the resurfacing of a community, middle school or high school football field utilizing natural grass/sod surfaces. If applicants choose to utilize natural grass/sod surfaces as opposed to the synthetic sports surfaces, a minimum five-year maintenance plan and corresponding financial budget must be provided in order to demonstrate that the applying organization will maintain the field despite projected wear and tear and potential overuse by youth sports participants. Funds from the Program may not be used to maintain field surfaces, as all grant funds must be used for capital expenditures.



About the Program

As the sport's National Governing Body, and Official Youth Football Development Partner of the NFL and NFL Players Association, USA Football is committed to enhancing the football experience for all at the youth and amateur levels through our Equipment Grants Program. Each year, USA Football awards $1 million in equipment to youth and high school football programs throughout the country. For more information, visit

Who Can Apply

Youth, middle school and high school football programs nationwide are eligible to apply for USA Football Equipment Grants. Interested programs should visit  to complete the online grant application online or to download a PDF of the application.

Award Amount

  • USA Football has teamed with Riddell to offer various equipment packages including helmets, shoulder pads, blocking dummies, flag football equipment, etc. Eligible youth football organizations and school-sponsored programs may apply for the following grants:
    - Youth Football Equipment Grant (retail value of $1,000)
    - High School Football Equipment Grant (retail value of $1,500)

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