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2014 NFL Draft order: Top three needs for all 32 teams

With the 2013 NFL season completed, here's a look at the draft order, with the top three draft needs for each team.

Dion Lewis
Dion Lewis

With the 2013 NFL season completed, here's a look at the draft order, with the top three draft needs for each team. The order of the teams is determined by record (using strength of schedule as a the first tie breaker and alphabetical order as a second tiebreaker). Teams 21-32 are playoff teams, and those teams' draft order was determined based on postseason results. If any ties cannot be broken by strength-of-schedule, the divisional or conference tie-breakers, then a coin toss will determine the order.

1. Houston Texans

Record: 2-14
Team needs: QB, OT, safety
Analysis: I'm not convinced Case Keenum is the long-term answer at the QB position. I would be very surprised if they passed on the top signal-caller in this draft.

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins)

Record: 3-13
Team needs: OL, WR, safety
Analysis: The Rams -- who own this pick due to the trade made by the Redskins so they could select Robert Griffin III in the 2012 NFL Draft -- need to upgrade the offensive line and this appears to be a strong offensive line class. They have drafted several wide receivers in the last few years, but they still need a true No. 1 wide receiver. Tavon Austin has a bright future in the slot, but they still need a go-to-guy on the outside.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 4-12
Team needs: QB, DE, OT
Analysis: Jacksonville is another team that should be in the quarterback market. However, if they fall in love with a pass rusher, they could nab a quarterback at the top of the second round.

4. Cleveland Browns

Record: 4-12
Team needs: QB, RB, OG
Analysis: I will be very surprised if this selection is anything other than a quarterback. The Browns are loaded with extra picks in this draft, and they could package a few of them to move up for a QB.

5. Oakland Raiders

Record: 4-12
Team needs: QB, WR, OT
Analysis: The Raiders are another team that is unsettled at the quarterback position. They could also use a legitimate No. 1 wide receiver and some help up front on both sides of the ball.

6. Atlanta Falcons

Record: 4-12
Team needs: DE, OL, TE
Analysis: Atlanta is desperate for an outside edge rusher to plug into its defense. An offensive tackle like Jake Matthews would also make a lot of sense.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 4-12
Needs: DE, TE, OT
Analysis: Tampa's defense is loaded up the middle, but it could use a dominant edge rusher. An offensive tackle like Michigan's Taylor Lewan would also fill a need.

8. Minnesota Vikings

Record: 5-10-1
Team needs: QB, DE, OG
Analysis: The Vikings are very unsettled at the quarterback position, and I could see them going in that direction.

9. Buffalo Bills

Record: 6-10
Team needs: LB, TE, RT
Analysis: The Bills could use another stud linebacker to line up next to Kiko Alonso. They could also look to add an athletic tight end for their young quarterback.

10. Detroit Lions

Record: 7-9
Team needs: CB, WR, safety
Analysis:The Lions need to address the cornerback position and it might be smart to draft more than one in the early rounds. If they decide to pass on a cornerback in the first round, finding a receiver to take some heat off Calvin Johnson would make a lot of sense.

11. Tennessee Titans

Record: 7-9
Team needs: Safety, DE, QB
Analysis: The Titans have a very fast, aggressive defense but they could use a more athletic, cover safety as well as another edge rusher. Jake Locker's inability to stay healthy could also factor into the decision to add another QB to the mix.

12. New York Giants

Record: 7-9
Needs: LB, CB, interior OL
Analysis: Jon Beason was fantastic after arriving from Carolina, but there is still a need at the other linebacker spots. They are also in need of some more speed and athleticism in the secondary.

13. St. Louis Rams

Record: 7-9
Team needs: OL, WR, safety
Analysis: If the Rams secure an offensive lineman with their top selection, they could look in several different directions. They could upgrade the secondary, add another receiving weapon for Sam Bradford or supplement the pass rush with another defensive lineman.

14. Chicago Bears

Record: 8-8
Team needs: DL, Safety, Interior OL
Analysis: The Bears' defensive line was ravaged by injuries in 2013 and they need to add some youth to the position. Finding an upgrade at the safety position should also be a focal point in this draft.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 8-8
Needs: OT, safety, CB
Analysis: The Steelers have missed on a few offensive linemen in the past few drafts, and they need to upgrade the offensive tackle position. The secondary is one of the oldest in the NFL, and they could easily go in that direction with this pick.

16t. Baltimore Ravens (pending coin flip)

Record: 8-8
Team needs: OT, C, WR
Analysis: Baltimore's offense hasn't looked the same without Anquan Boldin. They also didn't play that well in the secondary during the 2013 season. Ozzie Newsome will always take the best available player, but it would be tough to pass on a talented wideout to complement Torrey Smith.

16t. Dallas Cowboys (pending coin flip)

Record: 8-8
Needs: DE, CB, safety
Analysis: George Selvie did a nice job in 2013, but the Cowboys could use some more depth at defensive end. The safety position has been an issue for the past few years and it wouldn't be a surprise if they decided to address that problem with their first-round pick.

18. New York Jets

Record: 8-8
Team needs: WR, OG, CB
Analysis: The Jets have a talented defense, but they need a lot of work on the offensive side of the ball. I wouldn't be shocked if they jumped back into the quarterback market this spring.

19. Miami Dolphins

Record: 8-8
Needs: OT, OG, RB
Analysis: The Dolphins' offensive line was the story both on and off the field. They need to upgrade both the OT and OG spots and they also need to find a three-down running back.

20. Arizona Cardinals

Record: 10-6
Team needs: OT, CB, OLB
Analysis: The Cardinals played much better up front in 2013 but they still need an upgrade at offensive tackle. They are loaded at inside linebacker but they could use an edge rusher to complement Calais Campbell. John Abraham is played well this year but he's 35 years old.

Eliminated wild-card playoff teams

21. Green Bay Packers

Record: 8-7-1
Team needs: TE, safety, LB
Analysis: This draft is shaping up to be very deep at the cornerback position and the Packers could go in that direction or possibly land Jermichael Finley's replacement.

22. Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 10-6
Team needs: OLB, Safety, CB
Analysis: The Eagles are in good shape on the offensive side of the ball, although adding a receiver might be an option. I think they'll be more inclined to add a dynamic defensive player.

23. Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 11-5
Team needs: WR, DL, ILB
Analysis: Andy Reid would love to add a field-stretcher in the passing game. Also, adding a stud to play next to Derrick Johnson would make this front seven even nastier.

24. Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 11-5
Team needs: CB, OLB, Safety
Analysis: The Bengals have a very talented roster but they could use more depth at the cornerback position. Also, a playmaking safety would be a nice addition.

Eliminated divisional playoff teams

25. San Diego Chargers

Record: 9-7
Team needs: CB, OG, OLB
Analysis: The Chargers' offensive line played much better in 2013, but they could still use an upgrade along the interior. They have spent a lot of picks on pass rushers over the last decade, but they're still in the market for a difference-maker on the outside.

26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis Colts)

Record: 11-5
Team needs: QB, RB, OG
Analysis: Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi should be able to address the running back position later in the draft. This would be a good spot to upgrade the interior of the offensive line or possibly draft an explosive wide reciever to pair with Josh Gordon.

27. New Orleans Saints

Record: 11-5
Needs: OT, OLB, CB
Analysis: The Saints' offensive line is very solid on the interior but they could upgrade the tackle position. With all of the young, talented quarterbacks in the NFC, you can never have enough cornerbacks.

28. Carolina Panthers

Record: 12-4
Team needs: WR, CB, OL
Analysis: The Panthers need to continue to build around Cam Newton and nabbing an explosive pass catcher with this pick would make their franchise quarterback happy.

Eliminated conference championship teams

29. New England Patriots

Record: 12-4
Team needs: Interior OL, DL, CB
Analysis: Protecting Tom Brady needs to be the first priority and they also need to add some more youth and athleticism to their defensive line.

30. San Francisco 49ers

Record: 12-4
Team needs: WR, DL, CB
Analysis: The 49ers have two excellent possession wide receivers (Anquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree) but they could use an explosive, stretch-the-field playmaker at the position. Justin Smith continues to play at a high level but he can't play forever.

Super Bowl XLVIII teams

31. Denver Broncos

Record: 13-3
Team needs: OT, CB, DL
Analysis: Protecting Peyton Manning and adding depth to the cornerback position should both be high priorities in the upcoming draft.

32. Seattle Seahawks

Record: 13-3
Team needs: WR, TE, OL
Analysis: A big-time tight end would be a perfect fit for Russell Wilson and a true No. 1 wideout would also make sense. The offensive line hasn't played well down the stretch and that is another area that could be addressed in this draft.

Teams currently without first-round pick after trading it away

Indianapolis Colts (traded to Cleveland Browns)

Record: 11-5
Team needs: Interior OL, WR, LB
Analysis: Upgrading the offensive line is the No. 1 priority. There should be plenty of quality interior linemen available in the middle rounds.

Washington Redskins (traded to St. Louis Rams)

Record: 3-13
Team needs: DL, safety, interior OL
Analysis: The Redskins could use help across the board on defense and the offensive line also needs to be upgraded.

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