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6/26/03 NEPAC Meeting Notes

Attendees: Derwin Williams; Len St. Jean; Billy Johnson; Steve Grogan; Pete Brock; John Smith; Steve King; Jon Williams; Randy Vataha; Tom Yewcic; Roland James; Larry Garron; Bill Lenkaitis.

Update on the Sept. 20 Alumni Flag Football game vs. Jets Alumni: Game will be played on the new Training Camp field that has been constructed. This is a positive for several reasons. It decreases the upfront operating cost from $35k to approx. $10k; it gives the fans a more intimate setting while seating 5000 in bleachers with spillover onto grass enbankment (similar to Great Woods); avoids any concern by the Patriots of playing on the main field on a rainy day before a game.
All the amenities for the fans will be there including concessions and audio.

Job No. 1 is getting player commitments. We've heard from several of the out-of-town Patriots who will play. The key now is the Jets. Pete Brock will be talking to our liaison, Marty Lyons, on Friday for an update. The Jets have appointed two reps to oversee this. Also, Joe Namath is now on staff w/the team which helps us get him at the game.

It was decided that the event needs to be more than simply the game so any ideas people have of getting the crowd involved, please forward to either Fred Kirsch, Derwin Williams or Jon Willliams (Competition and Entertainment Committee).

Patriots Marketing Dept. will help secure all the necessary services for trade such as airline flights, transportation, hotel, etc. This relieves NEPAC of that burden while keeping things "clean" for the Patriots (ie: not messing up sponsor deals they have or are working on). Fred Kirsch to design various sponsor packages because Randy Vataha wouldn't volunteer. Tsk, tsk.

Game will be at 4p on 9/20/03 and banquet will be at 7p. Tickets will cost $12 for game only (general admission) and the banquet will cost $125 (game ticket included).

Other items: please forward Fred Kirsch any auction items you want to sell.

Dues are due. No one will be allowed to take advantage of game tickets or other benefits without paying their $100 annual dues first. They can be sent to Fred Kirsch or Pete Brock.

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