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Andy Reid Conf. Call Transcript - 9/10/03

Reid: I’ve got quality people here and that’s the important part. They are the ones to be complimented.

**Q: Hello coach.

AR:** Hello.

**Q: How are you doing?

AR:** Good.

**Q: On the dynamics of the way your team is operated, I think it is 45 games you have never had back-to-back losses. That speaks well of the resiliency and perhaps the work that you do. How has the come to pass? And what are the dynamics that you have used to amass such a situation?

AR:** I've got quality people here and that's the important part. They are the ones to be complimented.

**Q: It speaks well of the team too. They obviously have your attention the week after a loss.

AR:** That's what I meant.

**Q: Exactly. You have seen what the Patriots did. You are both in the same boat. Is it hard? What is the most difficult aspect of getting a team back on track after a disappointment?

AR:** On to the next week and that's what you have to do. You have to do it quickly in the National Football League.

**Q: What was the most disappointing element of Monday night's loss in your eyes?

AR:** You are disappointed that you didn't win the game. That's the bottom line. You take the bad out of it, analyze it and move on.

**Q: Tell me about Donovan McNabb and his progression, his toughness. How is he to work with in terms of the ins and out and highs and lows of an NFL season?

AR:** First of all, he's a great person. Good people reach deep during the tough times and they work those things out. That's him. There are highs and lows in every National Football League season and it's important that you work your way through it and keep a level head. He does that.

**Q: Do you think he is one of the reasons why you have such an incredible resiliency record, what we talked about earlier?

AR:** Yeah he is definitely one of the reasons. I don't want to put too much into this either when we talk about this because it is a week-to-week thing. Whatever you did in the past doesn't matter in this situation. I am surrounded with good people and that starts with those players. Donovan is one of them.

**Q: Are you surprised at all after watching the way the Patriots played in Buffalo? A lot of people around here are very surprised because you have seen them in the summer and you have product knowledge of their performances.

AR:** I know how things work in the National Football League, and it is never as good as you think and never as bad as you think. Sometimes things can snowball on you a little bit and we are in that same situation that they are in so I understand. They are a good football team.

**Q: A lot is made about the development of your young wide receivers. I know to the lay people watching on TV, they would think you are conservative. Where is the development at with your young wideouts and are you able to open it up if you want to?

AR:** Yeah, we feel very comfortable with our wide receivers. That is kind of the bottom line there.

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