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Ask PFW: Open season

Free agency 2010 is open and, aside from re-signing their own players, the Patriots have been relatively quiet. That's left many fans wondering what New England is doing to become a better football team.

Hey guys: this is a fun time of the year with the draft coming up ect. My question is what interest, if any do you think the Pats would have in trading for Chicago tight end Greg Olsen?
Dana Silva

I am a long time reader of PFW from NH but now that I'm living in Chicago I have watched a lot of Bears games these last three seasons. Greg Olsen as developed into quite a good TE and now that the Bears offense is under Martz and that usually means a decline in TE production do you see the Patriots offering a 2nd round and maybe another lower round pick for to the Bears. The Bears just signed a blocking TE, Brandon Manumaleuna, and still have Desmond Clark on their roster but they have no draft picks before the 3rd round and might be willing to listen to offers. Do you think the Patriots are interested, and if so what would be they be willing give up. I know Olsen was a 1st rounder and I wouldn't want to give him up, but Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo may be on their last season and it's win or out. The team may need help somewhere else to better suit their short term needs and offensive transition. Keep up the good work guys, and I look forward to the Pats playing in the Windy City this fall.
Alexander Christopher

I think Olsen is an intriguing option for a number of reasons. With Chris Baker gone and Benjamin Watson a free agent, New England has virtually nothing at the position. With Mike Martz taking over the offense in Chicago, the tight end spot might be left in the dark. Olsen is a former first-round pick. He has a ton of athletic ability and good hands. He's produced consistently over his three seasons, despite less-than-Brady-like talent at the quarterback position. The rumors of Olsen being on the trade market died down a bit as free agency opened, but I certainly would consider a trade for Olsen if the price was something in the range of a mid-round draft pick. And keep in mind the Bears don't have a pick earlier than the third round in the draft, so a late second might be interesting to them. If other picks were required to balance things out, so be it. I'm interested as I think New England would need to get something more than just Olsen in exchange for a second-round pick. Maybe Olsen and a fifth coming to New England?
Andy Hart

Hey PFW!!! My question is why weren't the Patriots aggressive in getting guys like [Antonio] Cromartie or even [Karlos] Dansby? The Jets may possibly have the best CB duo in the league and the Dolphins get another great defender. I understand the draft is coming up but I think the Pats should have signed at least one big-name free agent. What are your thoughts?
Alex Hyun

The Patriots did sign one big-name free agent. His name is Vince Wilfork and he was the team's top priority this offseason. I know re-signing Wilfork to a $40 million deal isn't as sexy as bringing in a Pro Bowl player from another team, but it costs the same. I really believe New England was in a no-win situation with its offseason. If it had gone after a talent like Julius Peppers at the cost of Wilfork, fans would have likely been upset. It took care of Wilfork, and to a lesser degree Tully Banta-Cain, and people aren't happy with the $50-plus million that the Patriots spent to open free agency. How many other teams spent more than the Patriots on the first weekend of free agency? Not many. I do agree that the Jets trade for Cromartie was a good value for them, and he could very well be the best No. 2 corner in football. But he clearly comes with some baggage and would have had to step up to the No. 1 corner role in New England, a role he was failing to live up to of late in San Diego. The bottom line is the Patriots took care of the business they were most focused on heading into the offseason. That's a good thing, even if it's not as exciting as fans would have liked.
Andy Hart

I have to say I'm extremely disappointed with the moves(or lack thereof) that the Pats have made since Friday. Wilfork, Tully and Neal are back on board, but what happened to the idea of picking up some upgrades at the positions in need? Seeing the feeding frenzy that's been going on since free agency started I would have figured the Pats to be in the thick of it, and it would have worked out better than waiting it out and picking second- or third-tier guys (Chad Brown, Galloway, Seau.) unless they draft real talent in the draft, I foresee another postseason ending in a blowout or just none at all for next year. Let Coach Belichick know its OK to get a big-time player or two before they're past their prime, otherwise the weak areas will get weaker. Peace.
Jose R.

I know a lot of fans feel this way, but as I said in the previous answer the Patriots did spend a good deal of money on the opening weekend of free agency. Would you rather they had let Wilfork walk and used that money on Peppers? Would adding in one area and losing out in another have made the team better? Let's keep in mind that it's less than a week into the new league year. There is still plenty of time for free agent additions, restricted free agents signings/trades, trades and the draft. If the team that takes the field in September is the same one that's on the roster today, I think we'll be in for a long season. But the season doesn't start today. Try to keep an open mind as we weave through the entirety of the offseason and team-building process. I'm usually as reactionary as the next guy, but I'm trying to keep a more open mind during this very strange offseason. And for the record, how many teams were really all that aggressive to open free agency? A handful, led by the Bears and Lions.
Andy Hart

I'm interested to know how the Patriots will address the void at the WR position. With Randy Moss aging and Wes Welker trying to come back from an ACL tear, they're going to need help at WR. Do you think that they will trade the 1st round pick for Brandon Marshall? Or will they sign some other veteran, or possibly just stick with drafting a receiver?
Jack Johnson

I think you'll see the team add at least one veteran NFL receiver and at least one draft pick. Despite the love he's getting from Patriots fans at this point, I doubt you'll see Brandon Marshall in a New England uniform. I certainly don't want him. He's a problem child, both on and off the field. I'd keep a close eye on the rest of the restricted free agent market. Much like when the team went after Welker, I think New England could use that avenue this time around. A guy I'd like them to look into would be San Diego's Malcom Floyd. He's a big-play guy (17-plus yards a catch) in Vincent Jackson's shadow. If not him, then maybe some other restricted guy. But I certainly do believe the Patriots must add two potential contributors to the WR spot at this point, preferably at least one with NFL experience. And I certainly don't consider David Patten to have filled that void in any way. From where I sit if Patten makes this team and is counted on for anything next fall then we're all in for a very long season.
Andy Hart

Well now that the top players are gone it's time for us to pick-up the retreads and the has-beens. You know, the guys that can't make it through the season in one piece. But that's OK because their good VALUE. It's like moving down in the draft. Why move up and have a good chance to get an impact player, when you can get good VALUE? Just in case upper management is unaware of the Pats needs, they may want to go after: Someone that can rush the QB, A shutdown corner, A quality receiver. Bottom line, forget VALUE, go for TALENT.
Richard D,Andrea

Richard, I sense that you're not happy with the way the offseason has started. Don't be surprised, I'm very perceptive. It just comes to me naturally. I do feel your pain in regards to your value rant. We all have to deal with value enough in our real lives – at the supermarket, at the mall, buying a house, etc. – we don't really want to have to hear it when it comes to our sports pastimes. We want our favorite team to live in a world free of economic restraints, choices and value-based decisions. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I'm sure the team is well aware of its needs, its budget and what's available both on the open market and through the draft. I don't want to sound like I'm sipping the Kool Aid while gargling the company line, but there is a lot at play right now. After re-signing Wilfork, Banta-Cain and Neal the team has to look at Tom Brady's contract extension. I also don't think there was a ton of talent on the free agent market. Most all of it came with major risks and questions marks. And the draft is supposedly a very good one, especially for a team with four picks in the top 53. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but it's the truth.
Andy Hart

For all media talk about whether the Pats dominance in AFC East is shifting, I ask what dominance? Using BB's own words, just "try to be competitive". Given Pats schedule and the amount of holes they need to fill, that appears to be major challenge.
Fred G.

Ali's brother? The Patriots have indeed won the division in seven of the last nine years, seven the last eight seasons in which Tom Brady has been the starting quarterback. That sounds pretty dominant to me. That's not to say they roll out the ball and win the East. Right now I think the Jets are the team to beat in the division. I'm not sold on the Dolphins. Until they have a proven commodity at QB, they're still a question mark since they don't have nearly the defense that New York has. The Patriots have work to do before tackling a challenging schedule. There is no denying that. But it's the second week of March.
Andy Hart

With Peppers gone to Chicago who do you believe the Patriots will draft to be an edge rusher?
Matt Burns

I'm going to stick with the two names I've been trumpeting for a while now: Texas' Sergio Kindle and Michigan's Brandon Graham. Kindle is considered by many to be the top 3-4 outside linebacker prospect in the draft. His defensive coordinator at Texas, Will Muschamp, is a former Nick Saban assistant who is greatly respected by Bill Belichick. He's got many of the tools needed to fill out the spot. I'm not personally in love with him based on his career as a bit of an underachiever for the Longhorns and the fact that I was not very impressed by talking to him at the Combine. But I still think he's a guy to watch for the Patriots. Graham has risen up boards after a strong Senior Bowl. He lacks ideal measurables, but has a lot of production. He's considered a high-motor guy, a high-character guy. He seems like a safe pick, even though he's more a defensive end conversion than Kindle is. I'd take him as a solid prospect. I think there is a good shot one of these guys could end up in New England. Of course I've been wrong many, many, many, many times before. Anyone remember my Chad Jackson rant that he'd "be a Pro Bowler before the end of his rookie contract?" Boy, couldn't have been much more wrong on that one! Of course Belichick is in that boat with me.
Andy Hart

I'm just looking for an update on the recovery status of the one and only Wes Welker. How's he doing? When is he expected to play?
Naomi Niederhoffer

I'm glad you called him the "one and only Wes Welker." Seems like too many people are looking past Welker lately and acting like anyone – including Julian Edelman – can just step in and fill the slot void. I'll believe that when I see a guy catch 100 balls for three straight years, make key plays, stay healthy despite plenty of pounding and be one of the keys to the offense. Our latest update on Welker came at the Combine from Patriots director of player personnel and part-time wide receivers coach Nick Caserio: "I think Wes is going through the rehab process right now. I'm sure he's going to do the best he can to get himself ready. Whenever that is, that's up to the doctors to decide and they'll let us know when that will be, so … everybody knows that Wes will do everything in his power to get back on the field, whenever that may be." Personally I think Welker will start the year on PUP, maybe join the team mid-season and probably won't look like his old self until 2011. But that's just my opinion based on observing (and experiencing) recoveries from ACL injuries over the years.
Andy Hart

Do you think there's a possibility of the Patriots getting CB Myron Rolle in the draft?
Steve Frost

Sorry to give you a cold reception, but Rolle is actually a safety. He is one of the more interesting prospects in draft history. He spent last year in England at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Not exactly the average NFL resume. Because of that, NFL types question his dedication to the game and a career in the league. He's an impressive physical specimen and, obviously, overall person. He's now considered a mid-round prospect. I'd take a chance on him, but I'm not sure the Patriots need will fit his skills in the draft. I wouldn't count on seeing him in New England, but there's always a chance.
Andy Hart

I know a lot of the OLB guys are kinda small. Who cares, Tedy Bruschi wasn't the ideal size. I want production, not promise like Vernon Gholston who's a physical beast but cant play.
Dave Savard

First, Bruschi was moved to and excelled at inside linebacker in New England. He wasn't asked to be the big, edge-setting pass rusher in the 3-4. That was where Mike Vrabel and Willie McGinest came in. And they both had the ideal size New England apparently looks for at the spot. But beyond that, I agree with your point. We've seen enough undersized guys succeed as pass rushers in the 3-4 in recent years. For more on this topic check out the story I did in the latest edition of Patriots Football Weekly that's on newsstands now. Not a subscriber to PFW, then shame on you! Call 1-800-494-PATS or log on to to subscribe today.
Andy Hart

We should push fro Brandon Marshall, we have been saying that we need another deep threat, another good WR and a replacement for Moss when he moves on. Well this is the perfect guy. He wants a long-term deal done, just make it where it has clauses to keep him in check. What are your thoughts on this?
Korey Baum

Fans are in love with the idea of getting Marshall. I'm not. He's been in enough trouble to tell me that he's not going to clean up his act. He certainly is talented, but I don't think he's good enough to deal with all the baggage that he brings with him. Not only would you have to give him a big contract, you'd also have to give up some draft pick compensation (either through the regular restricted free agent route or through a trade with Denver). That's a lot for a guy with issues. Everyone likes to envision Marshall snaring passes and his run-after-catch skills. Why do we leave out the visions of him batting down passes in practice and punting balls across the practice field like a sulking six-year-old? I lived through the Terry Glenn era (and error) in 2001, I don't want to revisit it.
Andy Hart

With all the talk of the Pats needing to get younger at RB, what do you think of them picking up Jerome Harrison? He put up good numbers in Cleveland when he finally got the starting job and he is only tendered at a second-round pick which we have three of. Just wanted to know what you guys thought.
Scott Macone

One of the biggest questions around Harrison, is his size. At 5-9, 205 many, including new Browns boss Mike Holmgren, wonder if he can hold up over an entire season as a team's primary ball carrier. He had a huge run last season, closing out the year with 286 yards, 148 yards and 127 yards in three straight games. Before last year he'd never had more than 34 carries in a season. He had 33 or more carries in each of his big games to close out 2010. The price isn't huge as a second-round tender. I just don't think he's a great fit for what the Patriots need – a guy to develop into a featured back. To me he's a nice complementary piece, and that's if he can prove last season's late flurry wasn't just a fluke.
Andy Hart

Who do you think are the best available DE/OLBs with pass rushing abilities available in the 1st round of the Draft that could fit into the Patriots system, be a 1st year starter and that BB would be willing to trade up for, if any? Not that I think he'll do that, but, we can hope right? He took Richard Seymour pretty high and it worked out nicely for the most part!
Gary Abrams

As I mentioned in a previous answer, Kindle and Graham are my top options. Another name to include in the mix is Jerry Hughes out of TCU as well as Clemson's Ricky Sapp, although his college sack numbers are less than impressive. I think Kindle has the biggest upside, but Graham may be the safest pick. I don't think either have the potential of a guy like Seymour, who was the No. 6 pick in the draft and a potential future Hall of Fame talent.
Andy Hart

The start of free agency is always an exciting time and in particular this year with an uncapped season and a lot of needed holes to fill through signings and trades. Let's see how the Pats are doing. We need a WR with Welker down and an aging Moss. Hmm, I see the Ravens (the team that just destroyed us in the playoffs) added 29 year old Anquan Boldin and a 5th round pick for a 3rd and 4th pick. Well, that's OK, BB already signed 35-year-old David Patten, who hasn't played in more than a year. Hey, I hear Antonio Cromartie is available from the Chargers. I know [PFW's Paul] Perillo said he'd be in favor of obtaining Cromartie. Oh wait, too late, the Jets already got him for a conditional 2011 3rd round pick. Well, that's OK, they only have the No. 1 defense and Derelle Revis on the other side. Maybe we can pick up a much needed linebacker and pass rusher. Karlos Dansby was just released by the Cardinals and Julius Peppers is available. Oh wait, the wire just came across, Peppers has already signed with the Bears and Dansby was signed by the Dolphins. Gee, I guess he was good enough for Parcells but not for BB. In case you haven't noticed the sarcastic tone of my letter, I and a lot of Pats fans are beyond frustrated with the apathetic attitude of BB in picking up quality, proven players to fill obviously needed holes. I know that they re-signed Banta Cain and Wilfork, but those signings merely maintain an unacceptable status quo and should have been done some time ago. So I have two questions. Is it time for the Pats to get a full-time GM because BB has two many hats? And, what are the Pats doing on the sidelines while the league seems to be passing them by?
Gary Goldstein

Was that sarcasm…thank God you clued me in. I never would have gotten it. I guess it's true, all that glitters is not gold-stein. (I'll be honest, I have no idea what that means.) I think your question is a good one. While I think the re-signings of Wilfork and Banta-Cain were necessary, do they only serve to keep a mediocre defense together? The group never got the big stop it needed last fall and got blown off the field in the playoffs. That was with Wilfork at the centerpiece of the run defense. So far the Patriots have done nothing to get better, only to stay the same. We all know the old saying, "If you're not getting better, you're getting worse." That's especially true when your top competition in New York and Miami are getting things done. All that said, I don't think this has anything to do with the lack of what you call a "full-time GM." This always has been and always will be Belichick's show in New England. He's the man who gets the credit and the blame. So if you're not happy with what the team has done, blame him. If you are happy the team has been the most dominant in football over the last decade, thank him. It's his football program in Foxborough and will be until the day he steps away from the Patriots. And, as I alluded to in most of my previous answers, can we wait for the entire offseason to unfold before we run Belichick out of town?
Andy Hart

In my opinion that was a horrible topic, [for Debate Friday]. There's no way they should trade the Raiders [2011] pick. That first-round pick could be used on a guy like Jake Locker or Terrell Pryor, both of who I feel are of higher regard than "Fragile" Sam Bradford and Brady Quinn V. 2.01.0. People we already saying Locker would be picked over any of those guys. Also, Tom wants to play for another 5+ years so why have a guy sit around for that long? I'd think you'd want to delay that at least a year or two. Plus, imagine both the afore mentioned QBs are there and the picks go Oak., Det., (whoever picks Bradford). That #1 could be damn valuable and we could get a 1st, 2nd and 3rd and still get a franchise caliber QB. Too many reasons to keep it IMO.
Pascal Rawls-Philippe

First, it was Erik's Debate Friday idea. See what happens when we let him have some input. Second, did you really just pose Terrell Pryor as an NFL quarterback prospect? Where can I get some of what you're drinking? (PSA -- I don't smoke, no one should.) I agree that the Patriots should keep the 2011 Raiders pick, and hold out hope that it's a top-5 pick or better. But your QB reasoning isn't exactly the basis of my argument. I think there is a group of 10 or so elite players in every draft and would like to see the Patriots get one of those players with the Raiders pick, possibly under the parameters of a new rookie wage scale. I'm not willing to give that up to get another pick this year, especially since New England already has four picks in the top 53. And for the record, I think Bradford is going to be an elite, franchise quarterback in the NFL. He's a special talent.
Andy Hart

Do you think the Pats reputation for not paying players will hurt them in attempts of pursuing top tier free agents? Is this the reason players like Julius Peppers (or his agent I should say) is entertaining other teams' offers first?Joe Mosley

I don't think Peppers really cares what the Patriots have paid past players or their reputation in the regard. Had New England put more money on the table from the beginning, let's say $100 million, I think he and his agent would have been in Foxborough. I think players, like all of us, care about their own individual situations more than anything else. Do you think Vince Wilfork feels like the Patriots don't pay? Or Tully Banta-Cain?
Andy Hart

So I missed my regular Ask PFW last week. But on to my question with Brian Westbrook available I would love to see the Pats make a move. With Welker out for the beginning of the season if Brady had Faulk on one side and Westbrook on the other it would give defenses nightmares -- one picks up the blitz on their side while the other runs underneath. The things that could be done with both men on the field at once would be awesome to watch. I know you say we need to get younger at that position but with two picks in the first round next year and with Maroney and BJGE still around I think we could wait it out another year. And really utilize a great talent in Westbrook.
Brad Pelletier

I think Westbrook is a very good player – when healthy. That's a big clarifier. He's damaged goods. Both guys are free agents right now, and my priority would be bringing Faulk back to New England. Beyond that I'm not sure how much room or value there is in adding Westbrook. How many injury-prone running backs do we need? Faulk has been pretty durable and makes plays. I'd like to keep him in the fold for a couple more years.
Andy Hart

What are our chances of picking up Greg Ellis now that the Raiders have released him? I know that last year we gave him an offer, did he turn it down because he didn't like the organization or because he wanted more money?
Andrew P.

I couldn't tell you exactly why Ellis picked Oakland over New England. But I would think the team would at least look into the veteran as a stop-gap, rotational option on the edge. He has experience in the system from Dallas. He had seven sacks and two forced fumbles in Oakland. I'd certainly kick his tires. He's not going to be the difference maker at the spot, but he might not be a bad veteran short-term option.
Andy Hart

Why aren't they going after T.O. or Brandon Marshall? We need someone we know that can fill the slot for Wes Welker because it's better than taking a chance on a draft pick.
Malik Walker

I don't get the love, or maybe lust, Patriots fans have for Marshall. I'd be more willing to bring T.O. in on a short money, short-term deal. That's not an option with Marshall. Even if the cost weren't as much I would hesitate to go after him. With the cost involved I have no interest. But I guess I'm in the minority based on this week's emails.
Andy Hart

With the Pats in need of WR help and the Steelers appear to be getting ready to cut Limas Sweed, why don't the Pats send a low draft pick for him?
Matt Mulligan

Sweed has been a huge disappointment. Along the lines of my projections of Chad Jackson, I thought Sweed would be an NFL star. He seems to be immature. In two seasons the former second-round pick has caught seven passes in 20 games. Ouch! He fumbled two of the six passes he caught as a rookie. Ouch! I wouldn't trade anything other than a conditional seventh-round pick for him, and really my love for his skills has long burned out. He's better than nothing, but maybe not much. He looks the part of an NFL receiver, he just doesn't fill it out on the field.
Andy Hart

Pats should have gotten Chester Taylor and Peppers before the bears did.
Robert Petrosyan

Not really a question here. Heck, not even a lame attempt at a question by adding, "Thoughts?" to the end of the email as so many other Ask PFW emailers tend to do. But it struck a nerve. So I posted it. Hey, it's my mailbag.
Andy Hart

What about going after Elvis Dumervil? I know he's a restricted free agent but there's a solid pass rush right there for a sum that doesn't equal Pepper's ridiculous salary. Think Belichick would be interested?Dave Sarro

Even with his less-than-ideal height I do think that Belichick would be interested. But why do you think Dumervil's salary won't be a big deal? He's been in the league four years, and has 43 sacks. He led the league last fall. He's much younger than Peppers. Why wouldn't he command top dollar, in addition to the compensation it would take to get him? I wouldn't count on it. I think it would cost too much to get him and I don't think the Broncos would let him get away anyway.
Andy Hart

Alright, I don't want to sound cynical, jealous, or flat-out crazy, but don't you think it's a little shady that Indy never ever loses anybody? Is Polian slipping checks under the table to these guys? Can you guys name me a free agent that the Colts wanted to keep in the last 10 years but couldn't? Does the league keep an eye on this angle at all? I'm sure it's a nice place to play and all, but come on! Imagine if Brady had had that kind of continuity!
Kenyon Gagne

Best first nam of the week award goes to Kenyon. Put your hands together for Kenyon!!!!!! The Colts whole philosophy is all about drafting players and then re-signing the ones that end up being good pros. They rarely sign free agents off the open market. (Adam Vinatieri was a rare example.) When they let a free agent leave, it's usually because they don't want him anymore. That was the case with Edgerrin James, Brandon Stokley and other lesser names. The bottom line is the Colts keep their stars by paying them top dollar. Examples of such over the years include Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Dwight Freeney, Bob Sanders and Dallas Clark. Their team-building philosophy is different than other teams, but the star-studded style clearly works for them.
Andy Hart

Though I understand that professional football is a business (one that the players dedicate the their entire lives to), why is it that we don't see guys taking salary cuts so that their teams can get better? Every year it seems like the contracts of the league's elite players are going up and up, yet I don't understand why. Why hasn't a single player (to the extent of my knowledge) stood up and taken a real pay cut so that their team can improve? I'm not talking about $500,000 by the way, I'm talking like 50%. Guys like Tom and Peyton make millions off of endorsements anyway, so why can't they just take a pay cut for the sake of the team? Are they really only in it for the money? Cough Asante Samuel Cough. Thanks for your thoughts.
Alex Friedland

Is this serious question? It's a business. It's their job, just like we all have jobs and, most of us try to make as much money as we can. Players are paid in accordance with their value, performance and potential. They get what the market of the NFL says they deserve. Your little idea might be nice in theory but it's not in any way realistic. Nor should it be. Capitalism. Supply and Demand. Market Value. It's what this country is built on. It's a business and each player is the head of his own corporation. Ty Law used to refer to it creatively as Ty Law, Inc. And if you were born an elite athlete I think you'd look at it a bit differently as well. But, alas, neither you nor I were so lucky.
Andy Hart

I think that the Patriots should [draft] Dexter McCluster from Ole Miss. We lack a great running back. Then in the 2nd or 3rd round they should draft a DE and a WR.
Romeo Mata

I like McCluster and think he'd be fun to watch on this offense. He's certainly not an every-down back. In fact, he said at the Combine that the Patriots had talked to him more as a slot receiver. Whatever role they have for him, I wouldn't mind seeing a big-play threat with his unique skill set on the roster. Maybe with one of the late second-round picks?
Andy Hart

Can we please not draft Ricky Sapp. He is skinny, has a low motor and I cannot see him transitioning to OLB from DE at Clemson. We all know how hit-or-miss college DE's going to pro OLBs is. Let's get Jermaine Gresham from Oklahoma. We've been burned before with Graham and Watson, but we did win championships with them. How can you not like this guy? Not even talking about the measurables, just look at the film! Especially with Tom putting the ball on the money, he should thrive. What do you think?
Bob Samsonite

Bob, are you in the bag? (Get it, Samsonite? Hah! I'm sure I'll annoy plenty of readers with that lame one.) We won three championships with Patrick Pass, too. Should the Patriots draft a bunch of fullback/halfback tweeners early in the draft as well. Sorry, just poking a hole in your logic. Gresham is a top tight end prospect for sure. The team lacks a pass catcher at the position. The track record there is scary, and Gresham missed last season due to injury. I wouldn't do it just because I'm not sure the need, payoff and risk/reward equation is worth it. But it's certainly not a ridiculous idea, like say Tom Brady or Peyton Manning giving back 50-percent of their paychecks. That's just a crazy idea I just thought of, not a reference to any specific email or anything. Random thought, nothing more.
Andy Hart

Daniel Sanchez

Should I yell at him when I pass this message along? And why do we need to add another 30-something running back to the committee, regardless of how productive he's been? If the Patriots add a running back, especially a powerful runner like Jones, I want it to be a young player who might develop into a featured back. I think the team is set in the 30-something category. Now, please stop yelling.
Andy Hart

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