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Behind the scenes of the Patriots 'action-packed' schedule release video

Get a close up look at the stars of the 2021 Patriots schedule release video.


The Patriots 2021 schedule is officially out, and while the NFL puts on a show in honor of the season taking shape, teams across the league have turned the schedule reveal into a social media moment.

There have been detailed creations, hilarious videos and memorial montages to get fans excited for the upcoming season's matchups. The Patriots 2021 schedule release is no exception and has been months in the making.

In two videos teases that fall in the "oddly satisfying" camp, Patriots fans got a sneak peek at what was to come, and on Wednesday night, the whole concept was revealed. Let's just say it's action-packed.

Presenting photos of the Patriots sports action figures, which were created as part of the 2021 schedule release. The figures, created by Chinese sculptor Jay Huang, were handmade from polymer clay and then baked.

The 2020 Patriots captains (plus Dont'a Hightower, who opted out last season, but has been a captain in previous seasons) transformed into pristine collectibles in the form of action figures. Artist Jay Huang, based out of China, hand-crafted eight clay sculptures of Devin McCourty, Cam Newton, Matthew Slater, James White, David Andrews, Ja'Whaun Bentley, Lawrence Guy and Hightower. Huang then packed up all of these sculptures and shipped them across the world to Gillette Stadium.

No detail was too small to be overlooked. From McCourty's arm wrap, Bentley's nose ring and Guy's tattoos, it's all there. The uniforms are near exact replicas.


Of course, no "collectible" is complete without an unopened box. Each action figure is packaged up neatly in replica toy boxes, including background shots representing each 2021 matchup, barcode stickers and #ForeverNE.

david andrews

The full video is below. Make sure to pay close attention for some fun easter eggs. Cue the eyeball emojis.

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