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Bill Belichick Conference Call Transcript

The following is a transcript from Bill Belichick's conference call with the Indianapolis media on November 3, 2005.

HEAD COACH BILL BELICHICK (on preparations being fairly familiar this week with so many recent meetings) 11/3/05

"Yeah, it's almost like a division game. We've been playing them twice a year for the last couple of years and the way the games have been spaced out, it seems like we've seen every single game they've played in the last two-and-a-half years, between the opener last year and then playing them at the end of the year and now we're half way through the year this year. In '03, it was one in the middle and one at the end, so a lot of film on the Colts. I think we've seen just about every play they've had, like I said, in the last two-and-a-half years."

HEAD COACH BILL BELICHICK (on if his defense needed and spark from LB-Tedy Bruschi last week and if he gave them one) 11/3/05

"I think Tedy's a good player and it was good to have him back out there. In the end, he's like anybody else, he can only play one position and do his job. So, it's up to everybody else to do theirs."

HEAD COACH BILL BELICHICK (on if the Colts' offense has taken a different approach this season because of the way teams have played them) 11/3/05

"I think their offense is their offense. I think their offense is, to me, it's looked the same as basically it's looked the last seven or eight years. A lot of their attack is based on where the defense is and where the looks are. I think the Colts are content to move the ball. If people want to move up and give them opportunities to throw it down the field, they'll do it, and if they want to lay back, then they'll take what's there and move it patiently down the field. It doesn't look to me like they really care, as long as they're moving the ball and scoring points, then that's the bottom line. What are they averaging, like 35 points a game for the last month or whatever it is? They're continuing to score a lot of points, and that's what offensive football is."

HEAD COACH BILL BELICHICK (on QB-Tom Brady this year and the offense taking a different approach) 11/3/05

"I don't really feel like our approach is any different than what it's been. We try to do what we feel is best to attack our opponent on a week-to-week basis and that changes from week to week, so I don't really see it any differently. The stats may be different, but that's always going to be the case. The approach is the same, though."

HEAD COACH BILL BELICHICK (on QB-Tom Brady showing he is capable of doing more, whether it be throwing the ball more or anything else) 11/3/05

"I think Tom's an outstanding quarterback and he's done a great job for us. I'm glad he's our quarterback, but I think that's his job. That's what he does."

HEAD COACH BILL BELICHICK (on if he admires what LB-Tedy Bruschi has done this season with coming back so soon?) 11/3/05

"I admire Tedy a lot. I think every in this organization has a great deal of respect and admiration for Tedy Bruschi. I'm at the top of that list."

HEAD COACH BILL BELICHICK (on his impression of the Colts' defense) 11/3/05

"They're very active, disruptive. They're hard to block. They're fast. They get to a lot of balls, they've had a lot of turnovers, a lot of sacks, a lot of negative plays. They're fast and they're active. They're hard to get away from. They don't give up many big plays and whoever has the ball has a lot of people chasing them and a lot of people to deal with. So, I think they've been a good defensive football team, and they've been a good offensive football team. That's why they've won a lot of games recently. They're a good, solid team. (DE-Dwight) Freeney's been a big part of that, but they have a lot of other good football players on the defensive side of the ball as well."

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