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Bill Belichick ESPN Halftime Interview

Belichick ESPN Halftime: I think we can all do a little bit better job, playing and coaching. That’s what we are going to try to do.

**Q: Your defense is playing well tonight, so I am going to ask you to assess their play and check out a few of the highlights here?

BB:** Well, overall they are playing aggressively and they have come in and made a couple plays. [Dan] Klecko has gotten some pressure off the end and made a couple plays in the running game, but we got a holding penalty there. [Ty] Warren makes a nice move there in the two-minute drill and gets a big sack. He's been working hard in camp. This is Eugene Wilson; he's really done a good job at tackling for us the whole camp and his coverage is okay. We've given up a couple, but these are good receivers.

**Q: You are known as a defensive guy. The last couple of years, you have spent a lot of time with the quarterbacks. Now you have a quarterback coach, what difference will we see in the defense then?

BB:** Well, we were pretty good on defense two years ago, and weren't quite as good last year. I think we can all do a little bit better job, playing and coaching. That's what we are going to try to do. I think John Hufnagel has done a real good job with the quarterbacks, probably a lot better than I would do.

**Q: Good luck in the second half.

BB:** Thank you.

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