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Bill Belichick picks lacrosse positions for his players in recent interview

Coach Bill Belichick talked about another passion of his -- lacrosse.

Football isn't the only sport Bill Belichick knows well. In a recent interview, Bill shined some light on another one of his passions – lacrosse. 

While Bill's love for lacrosse has been well documented through his foundation, the interview with Paul Carcaterra of “Lacrosse Magazine” showed where the two sports cross, including where some of his Patriots would land on a lacrosse roster.

Gronk would be on the attack on offense, no surprise. Julian Edelman would make a "good midfielder."

And Tom Brady?

"Put him in the goal," Bill said. "He can't run. He can't dodge."

Though TB12 would be anchoring the hypothetical Patriots lacrosse team in net, Bill said he may not cut it as the coach. When asked if he would consider coaching a lacrosse team when his football days were done, Bill said he wasn't confident he could. 

 "It would be tough. I don't know if I know enough about it … I think the game's kind of passed me up a little bit," Bill said. "I wouldn't be naïve enough to think that I would be able to keep up with all of that."

Even if Bill isn't up for the task of coaching another sport, lacrosse has been a family affair, and his daughter Amanda currently coaches women's lacrosse at Holy Cross. His sons Brian and Stephen also played in college. 

"We always go out there and toss it around," Bill said. "I used to be the best one. Now I'm the worst one, so I've seen that transition kind of run its course."

Bill may get outplayed on the lacrosse field, but he said his kids have no idea whether he is a lefty or righty. 

"When I went down and was at a [John Hopkins University] practice and I said, 'Can I help warm up [goalie Jesse] Schwartzmann?' They were like, 'Yeah, sure' … so when it was over [Head Coach Dave] Pietramala asked him, 'Is he righty or is he lefty?' and he didn't know," Bill said. "I'm like there we go because I've told my kids, 'I'm never going to tell you what I am.'"

Maybe Bill will give more college players a chance to guess when the NCAA  Lacrosse Championships return to Gillette Stadium in 2017. At least they'll have a 50/50 shot of guessing correctly.

Watch the full interview in the video below.

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