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Bill Belichick Post Game Interview

Belichick Post Game: There were some good things. There were some things that weren't so good.

BB: Well, I think it was, it was good to get out there and start working against somebody else tonight. I thought that there were some good things. There was something to build on. We thought we had some positives in all three areas of the game. Certainly, far from perfection and a lot of things to work on, but some of the things that we have been working on in training camp and in practice I thought came, gave us some evidence of positive results in the game and that was good. We played a lot of people and I think got a chance to look at a lot of people. And it is hard when you've got so many guys out there to really make the evaluations. Right now, we are standing there on the sidelines but it was good. We were able to get everybody some time and get that all the way across the board. So some things out there were better than others. There was certainly a lack of consistency in a number of areas, but we had made a few plays and one turnover and relatively few penalties. Those were encouraging things, although still the times when they did happen they obviously hurt us. But that gave us some encouragement there. Overall, it is good to get the preseason started, good to kind of be underway and have the game under our belt. And there were certainly a lot of things out there that we can learn from.

**Q: (On Rosevelt Colvin)

BB:** Yes. I don't know how to compare to everybody else. But I would just say that he has prepared very well in the off season and I think that it has helped him, I am sure it has. And I think that he has a pretty reasonably good understanding of a lot of facets of the defense, which is good. I am sure it has helped him, yes.

**Q: (Thoughts on the first preseason game)

BB:** There were some good things. There were some things that weren't so good. So I think we will take a closer look at it on tape and we'll get a lot better picture. But we also had some of the plays that were out in the open that got made, but I am sure there is going to be plenty where it was a lot less than what we really needed to be.

**Q: What was your assessment, seeing how he performed?

BB:** I mean it look liked he made a couple plays. It looked like he screwed up a couple. We played him where he has been playing. He worked a little bit inside, he worked a little bit outside. It was good to be able to get him an opportunity to play in those spots. We will take a closer look at it on tape but I think there were some good things. There were probably some things that weren't that good.

**Q: If you decide that he (Dan Klecko) is not fit to be the nose tackle, are you moving him to other positions and not nose tackle now?

BB:** Well, no. He played inside. He played inside tonight, so no, I am not saying that he is not playing there.

**Q: (On rotating Dan Klecko)

BB:** Yes. That is a good question. That is a good question. I am not sure of what the answer to that one is. I think that in the short term we will continue to rotate and in some way I don't know exactly whether it will be like it was tonight where it was alternating. Maybe it will be that way, maybe it won't. But I see them both getting a good solid chunk of time and maybe that is the way it will be during the season or maybe it won't. That I don't know.

**Q: (On Bethel Johnson)

BB:** Well, some good, some not so good. He showed some speed getting up field, ball handling, it is hard to tell on some of the decisions there on the returns, [there were] a lot of guys flying around. But, again for the rookies, first time out there, they got their feet wet, did some good things. And I think they all had some mistakes that we are going to need to correct.

**Q: (On Rohan Davey)

BB:** I thought he did a couple things well. Made a couple good throws. There were… he, like everybody else, he had some plays that weren't, really executed that well. But I thought he showed some poise in there and had a couple dropped balls from where I was standing it looked like they probably had the chance to be caught. But I thought overall his decision-making was okay.

**Q: (On Patrick Pass)

BB:** Well, he got a chance to carry the ball. I don't know. He probably got ten carries or something like that, whatever it was. So, we will evaluate his carries relative to the other guys. Patrick has a little bit of flexibility in terms of being able to play fullback and halfback and has decent hands. So we'll factor all that in. How much he can get into it next or not get into it, of course, depends on how he continues to play.

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