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Bill Belichick Post-Game Press Conf - 09/29/2002

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BB: We couldn't finish some drives on offense and get the ball into the end zone even though we moved. 14 points is not really enough. We didn't play well enough on defense, really at any point in the game. I thought that San Diego played the way that they have been playing. They didn't have any penalties, had one turnover. They didn't provide a lot of opportunities, we had to create them and in the end we just weren't able to create enough of them. That was pretty much the story of the game. I am disappointed that we couldn't score more points and I'm disappointed that we couldn't play better on defense. It really wasn't anywhere close to being good enough. We have a big game coming up here against Miami and we are going to have to play better than we played today.

Q: What happened two weeks in a row with a running back…?

BB: We didn't play well enough on defense. We didn't do a good job on third down and gave up some long runs. It just wasn't good team defense.

Q: Could you comment on Deion Branch?

BB: He stepped in and I thought he did a decent job. He caught a few passes. We moved the ball well offensively and he was part of that. But we couldn't get it in the end zone often enough. So that was our shortcoming.

Q: How long have you worked on that [Mike] Vrabel touchdown play?

BB: A couple of days.

Q: Did Tom [Brady] try to force those interceptions? Is that what happened on those?

BB: I am sure he'd like to have those throws back, yeah.

Q: It looked like the big plays were the difference?

BB: I agree.

Q: After what happened with Priest [Holmes] last week did you figure you would expect this from San Diego?

BB: Sure and that's the way that San Diego plays anyway. But we just didn't do a good job. Those runs that are long runs, I mean a couple of those plays turned into big plays. They were just poorly defended.

Q: You mentioned how good that guy (LaDainian Tomlinson) was during the week, was he just more than you expected?

BB: There are a lot of good players in this league. There are a lot of good ones. There will be good players every week.

Q: (on player's performance)

BB: I'd have to look at it. I can't give you a breakdown on 22 players.

Q: Do you have any word on [Daniel] Graham's injury?

BB: His shoulder is a little sore. I think we'll have to wait and see until we get back. I don't know any more than that.

Q: Did Troy [Brown] come right down to the wire as far as being active?

BB: Yes.

Q: This is your first loss in some time; can you share what you said to the team? This is a different feeling for you guys?

BB: Yeah, we didn't play well enough to win today. It is as simple as that. We've won three and we've lost one. Three times we played well enough to win, one time we didn't. That's obvious.

Q: Did their offensive line surprise you the way that they were able to create some holes for Tomlinson?

BB: I thought that they did a good job. I think that we need to do a better job. I think we need to play better on defense.

Q: Can you do the same things that you have done the last couple of weeks and hope to be more successful against Miami?

BB: We are either going to have to do it better or do something differently, one or the other.

Q: Once Tomlinson got outside he was able to just turn it on and you guys don't really seem to have that pursuit speed. Is a guy like him that good that when he gets past that first group of players that he is going to be gone?

BB: If you don't tackle him he will. He hurt us on some bounce-out runs. He hurt us on some cutback runs. We missed some tackles and there were some holes. I think that when you look at all the yardage that he gained, there was some everywhere. It wasn't all outside, but there was a significant part outside. Some of it was on cutbacks and there were times when we had a good shot at him and we couldn't get him down. It was a combination of all those things.

Q: You said last week that there were some things as a coach that you saw that you could have done. Did you see those things this week?

BB: We'll have to take a close look at it. I don't think I really want to comment on that right now without looking at the tape and breaking it down. But we are going to have to take a close look at it, no doubt. Two weeks in a row, it's not where we want to be defensively. There is no question about that.

Q: Did you try a lot of things in the second half to slow him down or did you…?

BB: No, we played what we played. We went in with a game plan and we played what we had in the game plan.

Q: Can you talk about you last offensive drive of the game? You got the call that went your way?

BB: It was a good punt by [Darren] Bennett. The ball went out on the 4-yard line. We had a long way to go. We got the ball up to midfield, got a holding call and that really put it into a desperation situation at that point.

Q: Was that a designed play for [Kevin] Faulk to try to lateral to David Patten?

BB: Yeah

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