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Bill Belichick Post-Game Press Conf. Transcript

Belichick on today's game: Well, we played a good football team … in the end the Broncos made more plays than we did and they deserve to win the game.



BB: Well, we played a good football team out there today and in the end the Broncos made more plays than we did and they deserve to win the game. In the end, we need to do a better job on third down than we did and the red area the first half defensively. But I give credit to the Broncos. They just made more plays than we did today. There were chances there again to maybe get back in it, but we just couldn't handle it. That is about the score of the game.

Q: Bill, some problems seem to be, seem to remain from before the bye, such as penalties. Obviously, you must be disappointed about that.

BB: Well, it is hard to go out there and play a perfect game. We made some mistakes, they made some mistakes. We lost five touchdowns. We can play better. We need to play better. Okay. Is there anything else?

Q: How about the play on Brady the second to last drive that he got hit in the face.

BB: What about it?

Q: What did you say to the ref? What did you think about that play?

BB: You'll have to ask the official what he saw. I think he got hit good.

Q: Bill, many of the same problems you had two or three weeks ago occurred again. You obviously made a concerted effort to straighten them out. Is that the case? Is it uncorrectable? You have had two weeks to straighten that stuff out, penalties, red zone, third downs.

BB: Well, we made three stops in the red zone defense and they scored three touchdowns. I would like to stop them more than that, sure.

Q: Bill, the decision to go for two early in the fourth quarter, obviously, I know you are trying to get within field goal. Did you give any thought to the way the game unfolded, when they've got field goal and you need a touchdown and two in the end, or is that what you wanted to do right from the start?

BB: No. That was the decision. Down by the red zone, you score the touchdown. At that point in the game you try to cut it for a score.

Q: Bill, are you concerned about your team's confidence now? Is there really any left at this point?

BB: Yes, I think there's some left. But you know, I mean we have lost four games in a row. It is hard to have confidence.

Q: Coach, your theme this week was a sort of a sense of urgency. What does your theme become for Buffalo now?

BB: The game theme every week is to win. It is always what it is. It is always what it will be. Okay. Thanks

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