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Bill Belichick Post Game Press Conf. Transcript

Belichick: I really thought we were ready to play a lot better than we played today.



BB: Not too much to say about that one. Obviously Buffalo played well. They did a good job. They outplayed us in every phase of the game and I have to give them all the credit in the world. They just beat us every way they could beat us today. They deserved to win and they deserved to win by the score that they won by. That's about it. We just didn't play well. We didn't play well. We didn't coach well. We didn't do anything well. We just got beat.

**Q: Did you feel like you were flat?

BB:** I don't think we played well. I don't think it was about that, we just didn't play well. Too many penalties. Too many missed plays. All the things that you could do wrong, we did wrong.

**Q: The distraction this week of having Lawyer [Milloy]…?

BB:** No. We just…we got beat. We got beat in every phase of the game. I don't think you can put it on any one thing, any one player or any one anything. We just got beat.

**Q: Did you have any indication during practice during the week that something like this might happen?

BB:** No. I really thought we were ready to play a lot better than we played today.

**Q: Buffalo has a bunch of new players that sort of transformed the defense, they have really bolstered their defense haven't they?

BB:** They played well today. I can't take anything away from them. They played well. They played well in every phase of the game: offense, defense and special teams. They played well.

**Q: What would you say about the play of your safeties?

BB:** I don't think the play of anybody was winning football. We didn't play well enough anywhere.

**Q: Did Lawyer fit in quicker with Buffalo than you thought he might?

BB:** I don't know. You'd have to ask them that.

**Q: With all new starters in the secondary, three out of four, do find that communication seems to be an issue?

BB:** No I didn't think it was a communication problem. We just got beat. I don't think it was communication as much as it was just that we didn't execute what we needed to do.

**Q: You had some very costly penalties?

BB:** We sure did. Too many. Too many second chances. Too many extra opportunities. There is just no way…turn the ball over, too many penalties, give up too many third down conversions, it's just not winning football.

**Q: Seemed like Drew [Bledsoe] had a lot more time to throw the ball, you guys were able to get a lot more pressure on him last year?

BB:** Drew did a good job. Drew had a good day today. There is no doubt about it. He played well.

**Q: Was there anything positive that you saw out of your team today?

BB:** Not much.

**Q: Was this so bad that you sort of throw it out as an aberration or does this cause some serious concern?

BB:** We obviously have a lot of work to do. If we play like that I am sure it will be the same result every week—turnovers, penalties, lack of conversions on third downs, give up 31 points. You are not going to win many games playing like that.

**Q: You don't feel though that it was an emotional hangover for the team from the events of the week with the release of Lawyer?

BB:** I think they played a lot better than we did today. I know that. So that's really what I do know.

**Q: So would you say that that had no effect?

BB:** I don't know. I just know they played a lot better than we did.

**Q: Is Kevin Faulk your lead running back now?

BB:** Both guys are going to play. I think both guys will contribute

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