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Bill Belichick Postgame Press Conference Transcript

(opening statement)
"First of all, congratulations (New York) Giants.  Won a championship, they're a good football team and they're well coached.  They obviously played well tonight.  Very competitive football game, they just made a couple more plays then we did.  By the way our guys played, fought, fought all year, fought tonight, and we had our chances. We just couldn't quite make enough plays.  Giants made a few more than we did.  Really isn't too much more to say about.  Can't fault the effort of any of our players.  They played as hard as they could, we could have just played a tiny bit better.  It was obviously a very competitive football game."

(on his thoughts about the safety)
"It's not my call."

(on what plays they could have played a little better on)
"There was 100 plays you could be talking about and I would take a lot of them."

(on if he allowed them to score that touchdown at the end)

(on if he can take them through his thought process on letting them score the touchdown)
"No.  Ball was inside the 10-yard line, a 90 percent field goal conversion (in that territory)."

(on if he's second guessing anything he did at all tonight)
"Sure, could have done a better job in a lot of things."

(on specifically what he could have done better as a coach)
"There's a lot of plays out there."

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