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Bill Belichick Postgame Press Conference Transcript

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addresses the media at Ralph Wilson Stadium following a regular season game versus the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, September 30, 2012.


General Comments:
"It was good to come in here and win today. The players did a real good job. Buffalo answered our lead with 21 straight points; our guys responded with a bunch of turnovers, a bunch of points. Overall, a pretty solid football game. "

"There's certainly a lot of room for improvement, but it's good to come in here and do enough things well. We made a lot of plays; we missed some opportunities, but we made a lot of plays. That's a good feeling to be able to come in here and do that. We've got a long way to go; hopefully we can continue to work hard and improve. I think our team's got a good attitude—they work hard, they're tough, and hopefully we can keep getting better."

Were there adjustments in the 2nd half?
"We felt like we missed a lot of good opportunities in the first half. We had the ball down there and didn't take advantage of it; we got some turnovers and weren't able to put points on the board. Fortunately in the second half, we were able to capitalize on it. I think we just played and executed a little bit better."

On offensive line play:
"Our line, our tight ends, our backs; they all did a good job. We were a little disappointed in our running production the last couple games, and we really made a big emphasis this game. We worked hard on it in practice and we were able to have some good results today. You can't say enough about the offensive line, though. These guys have a good front and we were able to block them."

On Brandon Bolden:
"He did a good job. Our backs played well; we got a lot of production. But yeah, Brandon ran well. No doubt about it."

On coming back from 21-7 deficit:
"We just needed to come back and make it a one score game. That was a big drive for us. A bad drive there and we could have gotten knocked out at that point. I thought we had a couple chances to knock them down in the first half, and we missed them. Fortunately we were able to convert those turnovers into points in the second half, and the game kind of got out of hand there in the end. But the game was a lot more competitive than the final score would indicate."

On fumble recovery at end of first half:
"That was a huge play. It was a big momentum play. We were getting the ball to start the third quarter, so we felt like we would have a chance to cut into it a little. We thought if we could just get out of there with a field goal, but the turnover was huge."

On Gronkowski and Welker fumbles:
"There's nothing we have to say other than 'ball security'. We've said that since day one. Everybody knows how important it is to take care of the ball. It always has been the number one priority and it always will be. Whoever handles it; we've just got to do a better job taking care of it. That's not a good way to win football games."

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