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Bill Belichick Postgame Press Conference Transcript

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addresses the media at CenturyLink Field following a regular season game versus the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, October 14, 2012.



"Today is one of those days where we just didn't do enough things well enough, we had a lot of chances and just all the way across the board everyone involved in the game all of us just didn't do a good enough job, the result is what it was. Just not good enough"

(On what happened at the end of the first half....)
"Got called for intentional grounding there is a 10 second run off."

(On why the Patriots didn't take the automatic field goal before half......)
"Well we were trying to score."

(On the play of the defensive backs....)
"Nothing today was good enough on offense, defense, special teams, coaches, players and everyone involved in the game just wasn't good enough. We all made mistakes and we had our chances and just didn't do a good enough job."

(On the missed opportunities today.....)
"We missed a lot of them, we missed them the whole game."

(On going for it with 6 seconds left.....)
" We had time to run a play and kick a field goal. We had an intentional grounding penalty with a 10 second run off there was 1 second left. We didn't do a good job collectively, we just didn't do a good job on that play."

(On why they haven't been able to put a team away...)
"We just didn't play well the whole game today so it was the end of the game, it was the first half second half. We played in spurts we just didn't play well enough and we had to many chances we didn't take advantage of."

(On Russell Wilson and team....)
"They played better than we did today so congratulations to the Seahawks, Pete, they did a good job. They out played us today, out coached us. They were better than we were."

(On how Aaron Hernandez looked back...)
I think everybody that played in this game could of played better could of coached better could of done a better job. I think everybody's got certainly missed opportunities and plays they would like to have back. Could of played better could of coached better."

(On if the Patriots were prepared for the game....)
"I just thought we didn't execute the things that we needed to do to win obviously. That goes for all of us just wasn't good enough for anybody, starting with me, the assistant coaches everybody else in the organization, the players just as a total team we came up short and got to do better.

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