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Bill Belichick Postgame Press Conference Transcript

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addresses the media at Gillette Stadium following a regular season game versus the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, November 18, 2012.


BB:I thought it was a real nice job by the players today. We got great contributions from all three phases of our team. The players really stepped up and delivered some big plays throughout the game. I thought we played good complementary football. All three units worked together. The players really did a great job; the players did a great job of executing and playing for 60 minutes. I thought we did enough good things out there obviously to win. That was good to see. They deserve a lot of credit. It was a good week of practice, a good week of preparation and that showed up on the field. Not perfect but I'll take it.

Q:What are your thoughts on how Aqib Talib did?

BB:We'll have to take a look at the film. It was great to see him run back the interception for a touchdown but we'll take a look at everybody. I couldn't tell you.

Q:Going into the game, was his presence something you were able to maximize with coverages and moving him around?

BB:Not really. We didn't change much defensively.

Q:That was a textbook Julian Edelman good game. What did you think of his game?

BB:Yeah, Julian had a couple big plays for us. He's another guy that's worked hard. He missed some time there after the Baltimore game. He's really worked hard to do everything to get back – the return game, passing game, slip screens, stuff like that, blocking. That was great. He had obviously a real productive day. We needed that. It's good. It's good to complement some of the other production we had out there.

Q:Rob Gronkowski continued his hot steak today with two more touchdowns.

BB:Rob does a great job for us: blocking, receiving, third down, red area. He's a good player.

Q:Defensively the team changed it up and was really tough on Andrew Luck. Can you talk about that?

BB:I thought our guys on defense did a good job. We got our hands on a lot of balls – we dropped a few, we caught some. I thought we were able to put some pressure on him. He's active in the pocket and can avoid some pressure in there but I thought we did a good job of getting on him. Their receivers made some really good catches. There were five or six times where I thought we were kind of draped all over them and it didn't seem there was much space at all to get the ball in and he got it in and they caught it. Then there were other times we got our hands on the ball and didn't catch them. There were other times we got our hands on the ball and did catch them. I thought it was competitive but they made some good plays. They have a good group of skill players. They made some good throws and tough catches in there. I thought we had them covered pretty well but they still were able to execute it.

Q:How was Jermaine Cunningham filling in for Chandler Jones?

BB:We'll watch film on that, too. I thought overall we had some pressure on the quarterback. We either hit him or made him move around back there a little bit. We had our moments.

Q:Without seeing the film, can you give an appraisal of how the offensive line did protecting Tom Brady?

BB:Better in protection probably overall than in the running game but we had a couple long runs on some outside plays. But really they did a good job stopping the run. I thought our line did a pretty good job protecting but again that really ties in with the receivers. If guys are open, the quarterback doesn't have to hold the ball, he can get rid of it and Tom [Brady] does a good job of that. That was something we really emphasized with the receivers this week, was that if they played a lot of man coverage, which they did, that we'd have to get open quickly so we didn't have to stand back there and hold the ball and wait all day for them to get open. They did that so it was good; good complementary football all the way around.

Q:It was hard not to notice that after the Colts' second score you were with the defense a lot with the white board. What was the message?

BB:We were talking about the plays that happened earlier in the game.

Q:Was there an adjustment made at that point?

BB:No, nothing that we hadn't worked on.

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