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Bill Belichick Press Conference

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BB: You know Jim [Fassel] and I have been talking about this for quite a while. We thought that today would be a good day to get the tempo under control and just get some of the…get started. So we are not in pads today, we'll be in pads tomorrow but I think we got a lot done. I thought that we started slow in practice and we weren't quite ready for the Giants' tempo, especially offensively, but as it went on it got better. So it is good. It is good to look at somebody in a different colored jersey and get some different looks and we've got some good teaching to do. The Giants are a real good football team. They are well coached. They've got some good players. The one-on-ones and the individual stuff is good and the team stuff is very good too. So I think it is a productive three sessions for us against the Giants and we are looking forward to that. Kenyatta Jones is excused today. He is down in Florida seeing a birth delivery and so he should be back tomorrow. And Andy [Katzenmoyer], he is still away too. He should be back tomorrow as well.

Q: The Giants were wearing mini-pads; there was not a miscommunication as to what was supposed to be worn?

BB: No. It is just a little foam rubber thing that they use. So, we don't use them. It is no big deal.

Q: Coach, difficult day to get back to work after the loss of Coach [Dick] Rehbein?

BB: It is. You know we kind of had a day of mourning yesterday, a lot of personal time to reflect and I think a lot of people spent a lot of time by themselves. We did a couple things as a team, collectively to address the tragedy of the situation, but we have to move on. That's what I talked to the team about this morning. You know we've got to do that. As tragic of a situation as it is, we've got to move forward and put it behind us. You know maybe in some respects it might pull us a little bit closer together. Well I think it definitely has, but it's a high price to pay.

Q: Has what happened in Minnesota changed your approach any in weather like this?

BB: No, I think our approach is well thought out and well monitored by our trainers and doctors. We have been…I think had a good camp. I think our players are in good condition and we really haven't had any problems other than the normal [acclimation to] playing in warmer weather, which every team needs to do. We certainly need to do it. So we don't want anything to happen but at the same time we've got a job to do. We've got to get ready to play and that's what we are out here for.

Q: How about yesterday? Didn't you have a few guys with heat problems yesterday?

BB: It's nothing serious.

Q: Could you sense any nervousness or any different attitude on the players today knowing there was going to be a different uniform across the line of scrimmage?

BB: Oh, without a doubt, without a doubt. You put a different uniform out there and it's a little bit different and so there's a little period of adjustment. Maybe there was on their side too, I don't know I was watching our guys, but there was a little period of adjustment. But once it got going we settled into it and like I said I think it was good that we experience that today. It's going to happen sooner or later so we got our feet wet. We are in the water. It's time to start swimming.

Q: Any word from Terry [Glenn]?

BB: No.

Q: In regards to Katzenmoyer, is he seeking a second opinion on his neck? Is that why he wasn't here?

BB: It's neck related. I am not sure exactly what he is doing, but it is neck related and we'll talk about it when he gets back.

Q: What is Sean Morey's status, he has been on the sideline?

BB: I think he should be back out tomorrow. He had a little dizziness and so we are just going to let that clear up.

Q: Bill, what was the most special thing about Dick Rehbein? Specifically what impressed you about the man?

BB: You know Dick got along great with everybody. I think everybody that came in contact with him liked him, had a good experience with him. He's very professional, bright, had a good sense of humor, kind of a wry sense of humor. He was very easy to get along with, but at the same time very, very respected by players, coaches that coached with him, coaches that coached against him, just a wonderful guy.

Q: When you hired him you knew about his heart problems, did you ask him about them?

BB: Well, not really. It was a problem, but it wasn't…it was cleared. And he really didn't experience any problems. He didn't have any restrictions in terms of what he could do, but it just gave out.

Q: Was it aggravated by the heat at all?

BB: No.

Q: Do you have any idea when you can expect Terry [Glenn] back? Is there a time in your mind when he ought to be back here?

BB: I don't know. What I am really concerned with is coaching the players that are here. You know we are working against the Giants. We've got a lot of things to do there and that is where my focus is. The guys that are here, that's who we are working with.

Q: What exactly do you get out of the seven-on-seven against the Giants?

BB: Well for all the people that are involved they get to see different coverages, different techniques, players playing them and quarterbacks get their reads. So each team does it a little bit differently and the Giants certainly do. They have a very good defensive football team and some of the things they do defensively are…put a little more challenge on the offense then we would normally see. It was good work for us today. They cover well and they've got good team speed.

Q: Do you learn something about your people individually?

BB: Oh absolutely and we went one-on-one with them as well. I mean just working one on one with those guys…that's good work for us too.

Q: You said in the beginning you didn't catch up with the Giants tempo well?

BB: Well offensively the Giants were doing a lot of shifting and motioning and I think it forces your defense to adjust. Even though we have talked about it and worked on it a little bit. They do it a little quicker than the way we can simulate it. So once they kicked it into action it was maybe a couple seconds or a tenth of a section faster. You know we had to think quicker, make adjustments quicker and move quicker.

Q: So that is even good?

BB: Oh it is great, sure. It won't get any tougher than this because they are very good at it. They've got it refined. They've been doing it for several years since Jim [Fassel] has been there. Defensively it is difficult to make those adjustments. They do it a lot better then we could put our guys out there, our second and third team guys, and try to simulate it. So those are the kinds of things that are beneficial for us.

Q: Is it a better chance to evaluate?

BB: Well it is a good chance to evaluate. I think it all adds up together. Both what you do against your guys, but also what you do against other people. It gives you a different look and it is a great opportunity to see how players respond to different types of competition.

Q: Do you have any plans to bring in a new quarterback's coach or is coach [Charlie] Weis going to take over that title?

BB: For right now…yeah we are just going to stay the way we are for right now.

Q: So Charlie is going to be essentially…?

BB: Well we are just going to stay the way we are for right now and get through this week. Charlie and I have talked about it a little bit. We haven't made any decisions yet, but we'll get through this week. Right now we are just too busy. We couldn't do anything even if we wanted to.

Q: Was Charlie working directly with the quarterbacks today?

BB: Yes, he will be working with the quarterbacks.

Q: There was a lot going on out there, was there anything positively or negatively out there that sticks out?

BB: I think the two negative things were defensively we're a little slow reacting to the tempo with the offense and offensively we dropped a lot of balls. I thought that as the practice went on that defensively we were crisper. We played better in the team and two-minute drills and offensively the team drill was pretty good. We were better in the two-minute, but overall we had too many dropped balls on offense and that's a problem when you are throwing the ball, especially as much as we're throwing it in this practice.

Q: Has this been the toughest start that you can remember to a camp?

BB: Every camp has its challenges. But there is no doubt about it, the situation with coach Rehbein yesterday was…that is about as difficult as it can get. That is human life. So everything else pales in comparison to that, no matter what it is.

Q: As far as tempo, is it good to come out against a team that was in the Super Bowl and see how they do it?

BB: Well I think it is good for our team to work against a team that has good tempo regardless of whether they have a trophy with them or not. We'll see how it goes this year. I don't know what is going to happen this year, but the main thing is to work against a team that has a good, crisp, offensive tempo and helped us to see it. If we worked against another team that had the problem, then that would a problem. The main thing that I was happy with and I think Jim was too, was that the players worked…right now we are working with Giants. The next two days, today and tomorrow, we are working with the Giants. Now Friday night we are competing against them. We want to work with the Giants just like we work with ourselves. We don't want to take any cheap shots. We don't want to get anybody hurt. We want good, clean hard work. We don't want any injuries out of this. If the players play and practice at that tempo then everybody will benefit from it. This won't help anybody if we come out of it with a laundry list of injuries.

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