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Bill Belichick Press Conference Transcript - 9/26/2011

Read what head coach Bill Belichick had to say as he addressed the New England media on Monday, September 26, 2011.

BB: I don't think there's a whole lot new here from where we were yesterday. We had our chances - we just weren't able to do enough with them. Buffalo made more plays than we did. [We] lost a tough division game on the road. [We're] going to move on to Oakland.  

Q: When you went back and looked at Buffalo's success on their pass plays, what did you see out of your secondary?  

BB: They [Buffalo] did a better job of executing some plays than we did defending them. We made some plays; they made some. In the end, they made a few more than we did. [We] just have to do a better job of coaching and playing. [We] just have to play them better.  

Q: In a game like this, how much do you try to balance out looking for the positives while pointing out the negatives to the players?  

BB: It's the same every week.  

Q: Regardless of the outcome?  

BB: Yeah, there are good things in every game and there're things that aren't good in every game. Just because you win, doesn't mean everything's right and just because you lose, doesn't mean everything is wrong. Correct the mistakes that you make and you point out the things that are positive and reinforce those and try to do them again and maybe a little better the next time. That's what we do every week.  

Q: What specifically did you spot on Fred Jackson's last catch and run at the end of the game? How did that transpire? How did they make it happen?  

BB: He was the outside guy, he came underneath [and] he caught the ball on a short pass. We had two guys converging on him, he split us. Devin [McCourty] made a good play to run him down. We just didn't play well enough, obviously.  

Q: In hindsight, is that a situation you go over where you want to let the player score?  

BB: I think the way the play happened, that Devin did what he instinctively would do. I wouldn't second-guess him on that.  

Q: Are there plays that would fall into that category generally - where you would want to let someone score to get the ball back to give your offense a chance?  

BB: Yeah, of course.  

Q: I'm curious about some of the matchups the Bills were able to generate such as David Nelson on Brandon Spikes or Gary Guyton. Is there anything you can do to avoid a linebacker on a receiver like that?  

BB: We'll, they had either three or four receivers on the field depending how you want to look at some of those guys, including [C.J.] Spiller and even Fred Jackson when he's out of the backfield. Depending what the defenses are, there are different alignments, different ways that we end up with different people on them. I would say that overall, I didn't think that was a big problem in terms of just our matchups. I think we just need to play a little better technique. And certainly, there are some adjustments we can make to the overall scheme. I'm not saying that, but I don't think that we had any situations that we looked at and just said, 'This is, you know, this is really a tough [situation]' - based on where the help is and other things that are involved in the play. We've just have to do a little better. I'm not saying there aren't some scheme adjustments we can make, but on the plays that happened, I don't have a lot of second thoughts on that.  

Q: On Scott Chandler's touchdown, it looked like either a blown assignment -  

BB: We obviously blew it. We obviously blew it.  

Q: What should have happened?  

BB: [He] should have been covered, should have been covered. Bad coaching [and] bad playing. It was just bad.  

Q: With what you saw, are there things that can be improved dramatically?  

BB: I think there were a lot of positive things in the game; there just weren't enough, that's all. There are too many negative things. In the end, that overrode them. We made our share of plays. [It was] certainly a competitive game, but they made more than we did.  

Q: Some of those penalties, the pass interference in the end zone, did you get a look at that? What's your view on that?  

BB: You have to talk to the officials about the calls. [It] doesn't really matter what we think about them. They're the ones that called them. Whatever explanation they give, theirs is the only point of view that matters.  

Q: How much have you gotten to look at what Richard Seymour has been doing for Oakland in your preparation for that game?  

BB: We've seen it. They're a big, physical defensive line. Richard is playing well. Good player - one of many they have.  

Q: Do they rotate him across the line?  

BB: No. Well, they haven't. For the most part, he plays right tackle - our left side.  

Q: You guys were obviously banged up this week. Is that something that you think is going to get better moving forward this week?  

BB: We'll see. We didn't do anything today other than just working out and getting the soreness out and that kind of thing. Players are off tomorrow, so we'll see where everybody is on Wednesday and we'll go to practice. [We'll see] if some of the guys that didn't do much last week are able to do more this week or not. [We've] got some guys banged up from the game, we'll see how they are. If they turn the corner in the next 48 hours and can practice Wednesday, great. If not, then it may take them a little bit longer, so we'll have to wait and see. That's what it usually is. We'll have to wait and see on that.

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