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Bills: Chan Gailey Conference Call - 12/22/2010

Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey addresses the New England media during his conference call, on Wednesday, December 22, 2010.

On what he can attribute the second half of the season turnaround to:
Our defense is playing better here the last few weeks than they had earlier. We're getting a few more turnovers which is always a part of the process to be able to win games. I feel like our guys have just created some confidence in themselves over the last few weeks that have allowed them to play a little bit better.

On his thoughts on his team bouncing back from adversity and overtime losses earlier this season:
We've got a group of men that have very strong character. I did not see them waiver a lick through those [losses]. Everybody was disappointed. Everybody was hurt, but if you're not hurt when you lose you better get out of the business because it does hurt when you lose. They came back with resolve to try to go out and find out why we lost, rectify that problem, then go out and find a way to win. So, it's been a lot of fun to coach this group of men because of their character.

On what he's seen in the Patriots over their six-game winning streak this season:
I haven't seen anybody slow them down, offensively. They're just like a machine out there. It's been quite a show. It didn't matter what the weather was, they just kept going. Defensively, they're making a lot of things happen. They're getting turnovers - they're creating turnovers, they're not getting them, they're creating turnovers and they're playing extremely solid. They've given up some big plays. That's probably what's hurt them, but they're really playing solid defensively.

On what people might not know about QB Ryan Fitzpatrick:
Golly... He's a great Dad. (Laughter)

On how QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has stepped forward as a leader on this team:
He has unusual toughness, mentally and physically, for the quarterback position. He is really a strong man. He leads because he's smart, but he leads by example and the way he plays the game and how tough he plays. He goes and makes a block in, I don't even know which game it was, but he goes and turns a guy upside down blocking for a run. Those little things like that go a long way in telling your team I'm here not just to stand in the pocket and throw the football around, I'm here to help us win whichever way I can.

On how WR Steve Johnson has bounced back from his drop vs. the Steelers:
He's handled it pretty well. He had a drop the next week. The last couple of weeks, he's started to get back to the old Stevie. It was not easy on him. Like I said earlier, if you care then it hurts and it hurt him badly to drop a pass like that. That's part of the game. It's like the pitcher that gives up the home run ball in the bottom of the ninth - no one wants to go through that, but you walk back up on the mound the next and time and here we go. That's what he had to do - he had to just get back out there and go play because he's a very, very good receiver and is going to be for quite a few years. He's got to handle the highs and the lows. You've got to handle both of them very well.

On how RB Fred Jackson helps the offense beyond statistics:
He's very good pass receiver, he's a very good blocker, he's a good leader for us - he has all those intangibles that you look for in a really good back. So, he's going to get the tough yards for you. He can make a big play, he's just one of those guys that every good football team needs or wants one of those.

On his thoughts on seeing Patriots' NT Vince Wilfork on the field for over 75 snaps last weekend:
I don't know when he's done that last, but that was impressive that he was out there and he was getting after it the whole time. After looking at that I would say his stamina is underrated.

On his thoughts of Wilfork as a pass rusher:
He's a force, as you can well imagine. He's got better quickness than people give him credit for, but he's so strong he can run right through you if you don't really muscle up.

On if he would be drawing any special teams plays to keep the ball away from G Dan Connolly:
(Laughter) I got asked that here too, 'Are we going to kick away from?' So, I think that's a good story, but I don't know when the last time that's happened, probably not ever. I hope we don't kick it to him to be honest with you.

On what the Patriots are doing successful on their two-minute defense:
What happens is, their two-minute defense is with a lead. So, they get in there with a lead and the other team starts to press. They've got a good scheme, they do a good job of rushing the passer, they keep everything in front of them - which is what you have to do - but at the same time they've got so many points and they keep doing a great job of scoring points that the other team is always pressing and pressing and when you do that you're going to make a mistake at some point.

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