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Bills Postgame Quotes

The following Buffalo Bills' players commented on their 19-17 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

Dick Jauron, Head Coach(On the Bills going on 4th down)
I don't know if you ever really have this team... with their talent I don't think you can put them away at anytime, Particularly not that early. But with that down and distance, at that part of the game you know you would love to have it 24 to 7. Like I said, because we didn't get it I would like to have the decision back and kick it through. And make them kick it in the end. You know, to make them have to kick it at the end of the game to have to beat us.

(On if this is the type of game the Bills could build on)
I rather learn by winning. I'd rather make the errors and come out with the victory and then advance that way. We played hard. We just made some critical errors in the game, a couple of penalties. I am not sure they're going to tackle Donte (Whitner) anyway. He may score on that thing we get a critical first down and we get a penalty that takes it away, and then going for it on 4th and one. There are some things in the course of the game that maybe would have changed it but you never know. I always liked this group and this was our first game together and I will get a better feeling for this team after this one on who they are, how they play and how they played through the whole thing, we had a chance, we had a chance. We are not bringing home a "W" and that's what counts.

(On if the 4th and one was to build confidence with the team)
You know it all went into it. It was the time of the game, how we had taken it down the field, the down and distance, the score, I don't know I might have done it again, I'd probably do it again. I am sure I will do it again sometime but hopefully it will work out better.

(On The Defense breaking down)
We had been playing very well. Frankly, they played okay, we just broke down at the wrong moments, some critical 3rd down's and some other issues. But it was everything going on in the game at that time

(On how the Patriots were able to run the ball on the Bills)
I think they are good. I think they are a really good football team, they have two really good backs, they have a terrific offensive line and they have a quarterback that you can't just worry about the run clearly. They are a really good football team and we have a way to go. We will have to study the tape and get better off of it.

JP Losman, Quarterback
(On being disappointed with the outcome)

It is very disappointing, but that is the way the game goes. We have a long road ahead of us. But this weekend our goal was to beat this team on the road, get over the hump, cross the tracks, whatever you want to call it.

(On what happened on the safety play)

Well, all of a sudden we got rushed a little bit ... You would like to get rid of the ball in that situation if you can. But the game is on the line and you are trying to make a play. I felt that there was only one rusher that I could get away from, which I did, and then I didn't see the other guy. But looking back at it, hopefully, the next time that comes up I can get rid of it.

(On where he was trying to go on that play)

The play was designed to go to either side if had chose to. I had one-on-one matchups on each side. I was trying to dip under one defender, set my feet and make a throw. But, when I dipped under there was another guy. That's the way it happened.

(On if the Patriots changed their approach in the second half)

They didn't really change much. They turned it on. It is hard to beat this team on the road. They are not just going to come out in the second half and let us win. They are not going to lay down. That is why they are the champs. That is why they are the team to beat and they are going to be the team to beat for a while.

Takeo Spikes, Linebacker
(On his injury) It is a mild hamstring. When I was making a play, running top speed, it just kind of grabbed on me. I felt like not only did we have a chance to win the game today but I felt good. It is very disappointing. It could have been a lot worse. I will be fine by next week.

(On the defensive TD) They got caught in a certain protection. They came out passing, usually one of the things they do well is come out and establish the run. We just caught them in a certain protection and I was able to squeeze through.

(On the fourth down stop) That is the nature of the game, it is called a momentum change. You have to take advantage of those whenever you get them. As you see, once it is on your side you can ride it through the rest of the half, the rest of the quarter or however long it may be. Give credit to them (the Patriots) because they came out of here with the win but we are not hanging our heads. We are disappointed that we lost, but now we don't have t worry about going undefeated.

Sam Aiken, Wide Receiver
(On his fumble recovery) To tell you the truth they (the Patriots) had the ball at first. But somehow some way I got my hands on it. A lot of our guys pulled the guy who had the ball. A team effort and a big play at the time.

Mario Haggan, Linebacker
(On Dillon and Maroney) Both of them have a combination of power and speed. Dillon, he can run but he is more of a power back. They are both physical and over the game it takes a toll on a defense.

(On halftime adjustments) What they (New England) did different was they came out and finished the football game. They (the Patriots) finished it in the second half. They got the job done.

(On Aaron Schobel) He is a mean pass rusher, a great defensive end. He gets up for the games. We wanted to beat these guys and unfortunately we didn't, but Schobel showed why he wanted to beat them.

Anthony Thomas, Running Back
(On his TD) It is not hard to explain, just a play that we ran twice in a row, they kind of over-pursued it and I just cut up. The guys opened the hole up pretty good. I am not taking anything away from New England but the guys opened it up pretty good and I tried taking it as far as I could and I got in the end zone.

Willis McGahee, Running Back
(On going for it on 4th and 1 at NE 8 yard line)
There isn't anything you can do but go out there and try and get the first down. They had a good defense out there and they stopped it. I thought it was 3rd and one to be honest. It was designed to go to the right, but they shut it off. They have a great defensive line and they made a great play and penetrated. There wasn't anything I could do about it.

(On leading for most of the game only to lose)
It's a disappointment. They find a way to win. They're Super Bowl champions and you can't take anything from them. They stayed in it and fought. We just couldn't finish.

(On whether or not he thought he made the first down)
I think I got it. I stretched the ball at the end, but the ball got kicked back and that's where the referee spotted it. There isn't anything you can do about it.

(On adjustments made by Patriots in 2nd half)
They started dropping the safety down in the box a little bit, but that's still not a legitimate reason we couldn't perform better. It's something we can build on though. That safety is what hurt us. I think it would have been a different ball game if it was still 17-17. They wouldn't have been going for it on 4th and one.

(On Coach's confidence in team to go for it on 4th and one)
It's a good thing. I wasn't even worried about it. We thought it was third and one as far as I'm concerned. We called the play, but as I said, their defense did a great job. They stepped up.

Ko Simpson, Safety
(On game plan)
We just came in here and got into a fight and tried to do what we do out there.

(On second half adjustments by Patriots)
Oh man, they're just a great team over there. You let off and they'll hit you. We probably just let off here and there and they made a play.

Aaron Schobel, Defensive End
(On game)
It felt good in the first half. You can tell why they have won three of the last five Super Bowls. They know how to finish games and that is something that we are struggling with over the last couple of years. I know we have the talent and I know we can get it going, we just have to learn how to finish.

Chris Villarrial, Offensive Line
(On game)
We played three quarters with one of the best teams in the NFL. We have to take away the positives and we have to watch the tape and erase the negatives parts and learn from it and get better. We have got fifteen games left and hopefully we got this bad taste out of our mouth, this loss, and we go down to Miami and regroup.

(On the fourth and one decision)
The decision was good and I think the frustration part is that we gave them the ball back and they went down and scored. You can't doubt your coaches. we are the players and we do what we are told. It would have been a great thing to get the first down but we need to block harder and longer and make sure we get that first down.

London Fletcher-Baker, Linebacker
(On the first play from scrimmage)
It was a heck of a way to start off the season, the first play of the game, Takeo (Spikes) gets a sack causing a fumble and I was able to scoop up the ball and score. We work on that drill a lot in training camp and also in practice.

(On first half play of the Bill's Defense)
I think you have to be in a situation to get after the quarterback and apply pressure. I think we allowed them to get into too many third-and-short type of situations. Those calls really don't dictate the defensive line being able to rush after the quarterback.

(On the momentum shift)
If you look at the momentum shift, it was pretty much like a red zone turnover. We don't get points and they do and they are able to stop us. A team will feed off of that. We didn't play good third down defense on that particular drive, regardless of what happened with our Offense, we didn't stop them on third down and that's where we have to improve if we want to get better as a team.

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