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Bills: Steve Johnson Conference Call - 12/22/2010

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson addresses the New England media during his conference call, on Wednesday, December 22, 2010.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson addresses the New England media during his conference call, on Wednesday, December 22, 2010.

On if he was surprised with how much attention his Tweet after the Steelers game got:
Surprised? A little bit, but not too much because people have opinions on everything with politics and religion - this and that. That's going to be the most attention showed there. I'm not too surprised about it. The only thing I was surprised about is how people took it and how they swore that I was talking about blaming him for everything and it was his fault. That surprised me, but I really could care less what they're talking about because I know what I meant by it. That's why I kept the Tweet up there and didn't try to change anything on it. That's the part that surprised me.

On if he was really questioning a higher power at that point:
If you put it like if something were to happen with you or when other people go through things and they say, Why? Why this, why that? Then, I do that after that situation it seemed like they act like they've never done that before - they never can ask just why. So, I'm thinking I do so much good and give him praise, I didn't understand why. There's people out there that are doing bad and good things are happening, but it was a learning thing for me. What happened, happened and I'll just take it for what it is.

On what he sees from the Patriots secondary and CB Devin McCourty:It's an athletic defense. They're aggressive, talented, but everybody's like that on Sunday, especially in the NFL. So, it's everything that we've seen. I've also seen him [Devin McCourty] breaking those tackles, so I know we've got to wrap up and tackle if he does get his hands on the ball. He's a pretty good cornerback.

On how much the Patriots' defense has changed since earlier in the season:
I can't really say there's too much of a change. They're running a [cover] two, a [cover] three, a cover one - they're still running the same defenses. So, there's too much of a difference. They're comfortable in their places and that's pretty much the only thing I can say about it. They're comfortable and their flowing. They're doing the exact coverage's and their more comfortable in their techniques and stuff.

On if QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is a franchise quarterback:
I'll say it right now, yeah. I don't see anyone else coming in here, stepping in and do what he's doing and what he's done. I have full faith in him and I'm happy to be a receiver for him.

On how the Bills have changed since the first time these two teams met this season:
We went from wanting to go out there and showing that we can play with a team to going out there and wanting to show that we will win against teams like this. So, that's the difference and mentality of this team that Coach Gailey instilled in us.

On his development this season and where that came from:
Just opportunity. I haven't done anything over the top or too different. It was just opportunity and when guys that I learned a lot from - which are Terrell [Owens] and Josh Reed - when they ended up leaving or coaches didn't bring them back it just opened up a spot for me. That's where I had to fit and do my part because I've been here two years already and didn't do anything. So, now I got the opportunity and said come on let's see what you can do and I happened to step up to it.

On how the overtime losses this season test a team's character:
Well, hopefully everyone was on the same page when we lost, especially playing in the NFL. You don't, if you lose a game, feel like you're hurting or feel like you're done for the rest of the season. Hopefully the guys are tougher than that, more mental toughness than to let some overtime losses take out their whole season. The guys never quit. They stayed together and they kept on rocking as you've seen throughout the whole season. We never slowed down even though we had the tough losses. So, it just shows there's great character in the guys in the locker room.

On what he's seen from McCourty on film:When I was saying the defense is more comfortable in their spots, I was basically talking about with the corners too - how he plays more relaxed. He knows what he's doing. He knows what he can get away with. I've seen him take chances. He takes a lot of chances because he has great instincts. So, I've seen that and just the speed overall and the athletism that he has in the secondary, especially with [Brandon] Meriweather being back. He wasn't really playing too much the first time, but now he's out there and making plays.

On if he's seen any changes in the Patriots offense since WR Deion Branch came in:
I haven't been able to check them out on film, but I watch TV so I see them all the time on ESPN and whatnot. I've seen the plays that he's made and all of their receivers have made. Their offense in general is just nice. [Tom] Brady does a nice job of taking that leadership role and getting the offense to where it needs to be and putting them in places where they need to go. The receivers are doing a great job of catching the ball and getting runs after the catch and the tight ends are also pretty sweet too. We know their offense is legit. We just have to be in a shootout with them, so we'll see what happens.

On how big emotion plays into his game with wearing his heart on his sleeve:
Besides football, I don't have any other job. I have everything in this thing, this football thing. So, when I don't perform to how I feel I should be I take it hard because this is how I eat. This is really my life. This is my family's life too, so I feel like I've got to make all those plays and if I don't I'm super ticked off. That's how it is.

On how much he's grown since the Steelers game:
I've learned a lot. I've learned how to take things in stride and be able to move on, not only from that game but from previous games in the past as a team. You can't really dwell on that weak. What happened, happened and you've got to move on to the next week because there's going to be another team trying to come in here and take your spot. You've got to be prepared and focused for that. So, that's pretty much one of the main things I've learned - what happened on that Sunday is not going to happen on the next Sunday. You've got to be ready and be able to forget that.

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