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Boston Children's Hospital challenges LA hospital to touchdown dance-off

In an awesome video, the kids and staff of Boston Children's Hospital show off their best touchdown dances. 

We love a good touchdown dance, and aside from Patriots players, few people nail a good celebration quite like the kids at Boston Children's Hospital.

In honor of the Patriots third straight Super Bowl appearance, Boston Children's Hospital is putting their skills to the test, challenging the Children's Hospital Los Angeles to a touchdown dance off.

In a video shared on Twitter Wednesday, the staff and kids of Boston Children's put on their best game faces and held nothing back when laying out their proposal.

"Who has the most spirit? Who has the most heart? The best touchdown dances," patients and staff say. "Let's do this."

Then they break it down, and of course, the moves are unbelievable. The spirit is undeniable, and we can't wait to see what the kids of Children's Hospital Los Angeles come up with. Though, we know our friends in Boston gave it everything they got.

You can check out their moves in the video below.

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